Honolulu Police Officers Face Discipline for Using Tasers

I don’t think I’ve expressed my distaste for tasers on my blog.  I don’t think they belong in the hands of most many police officers.  Too many times they have been used unjustly on suspects.  Just last month a police officer on the mainland committed suicide because he felt bad about using a taser unwarranted.

I bet these two HPD officers wish they never had them in the first place:

…Honolulu Police Department that took them off the street and placed them under investigation after they used Tasers to subdue two unruly men a month ago.

It is one of the first cases where officers could face discipline as a result of new video cameras installed on the Tasers…

From this news report, it sounds like they were tased multiple times.  I think more officers on the scene would have prevented this, considering neither suspect had any weapons, although they were flying on drugs:

…”The police kept telling them to get down and they wouldn’t listen to the police. So, they’d Taser them. Then they would go down. They would get back up. They’d tell them to get down. They don’t listen again. That was just ongoing for a while,” Higa said…

I’d be curious at just how many times they were actually tasered.

I’d be even more curious to start requesting that every time an officer uses their taser, the public should have access to that video file.

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  1. I think it is bit hypocritical to be judging the actions
    of these police officers after the fact.It is akin to being armchair quarterback.

    I feel second guessing these officers actions after witnesses said that they legitimately used their Tasers will deter police officers from using them.
    Which will make their job much more dangerous.

    Damon – Were each allowed are own opinions. Let’s just hope neither of us have a relative or friend that is deaf and can not hear an officers commandments get tased.

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