Hawaii County Spends $25,000 – $30,000 Per MONTH on Picking Garbage Out of Our Landfills

Andrew Cooper recently questioned why recycling was so behind the times here on the Big Island.

Something that I thought might expanded upon, is in a recent blog that Hunter Bishop wrote about on the recent plastic bag ban,¬† a quote within a comment that Council Lady Naeole’s Legislative Aide Tiffany Edwards Hunt made stated the following:

“…do you know the county spends about $25,000 to $30,000 a month contracting for litter pickup at the landfills?…”

I totally¬† believe this statement… it just bothers me a bit that we could be paying upwards of $360,000 per year for people/machines to be picking through our trash when we as people could have recycled the stuff to begin with.

I wonder how much other counties are paying for people to be picking up garbage… and the real question…


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  1. Is that to pick up the stuff that blows around? I know this is a problem at the transfer stations, particularly Waimea, where the trades are usually quite stiff. I have often looked at the situation and been thankful I didn’t buy a house makai of Kawaihae road, downwind of the transfer station.

    Damon – I really don’t know… I’ll open up this for discussion. While it might be a stink ass job… I’d do it for $10,000 a month. ;)

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