Kenoi Cancels PBS Debate

I mentioned earlier that there would be a debate between Kenoi and Pilago on PBS.  It appears something has come up for Kenoi or he is just chickening out. ;)

I just received the following from Jeff at PBS:

I was just told that Bill Kenoi has cancelled his scheduled appearance on the 10/30 Island Insights program. As of right now, Angel Pilago is still scheduled to appear on the program, and viewers can still send in questions, but unless something changes, the format will be more of a question and answer session with Mr. Pilago and Dan Boylan.

For viewers who want to call in, we will be posting the numbers on-screen during the broadcast.

PBS Hawaii

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  1. Damon, does this article need date correction?

    Damon – Yes I do believe so… Someone else mentioned it earlier and I was waiting for Jeff to get back to me… but I’ll change it now.

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