The Recent Property Crimes Between Moiliili and Kapahulu

On tonights KHON2 news, they reported an increase in crimes in the areas between Moiliili and Kapahulu on Oahu.

Thieves have been targeting a section of East Honolulu.

“It’s no surprise to see actually what goes on,” says a McCully resident.

Neighborhoods between Moiliili and Kapahulu have been the hardest hit. A man, who asked that we not identify him, has fallen victim to theft…

…”Property crime unfortunately is a direct correlation between how well the economy is doing and property crimes – its not unusual at all to see when the economy slows down property crimes increase,” says Djou…

Well Mr. Djou, I have another theory.  This area is getting hit harder then usual because the tourism has declined in Waikiki.  So many people on the outskirts who were praying on the tourists previously,  now that tourists have stop coming… people are now preying upon residents of the area.  Which is similar in a sense but I see a direct reflection of lack of tourist to pray upon in waikiki as why this area is now getting harder hit then before.

I used to live in this vacinity and over the last 10 years, the homeless problem has gotten out of control.  Many times I would walk by the Ala Wai Park and see many people conglamorating.  One time I literally overheard one of them talking about jumping a tourist.

I hope Mr. Djou will do something over there on the Honolulu Council to stop this increasing problem.

I’d rather have people jumping tourists, then murdering my neighbors.

Well you know I’d rather not have either ;)

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