In Support of the Community Colleges – Re: Bishop’s Latest Blog

Hunter Bishop recently made a comment to address some of the concerns about the blog he posted regarding Angel Pilago’s education.

In it he writes:

…But are the community colleges and university equal in stature and institutional status? Hardly. Tuition is higher at UH, courses are different and less rigorous or in vocational, not academic fields, and community college courses aren’t always transferable (see Andy Parx’ comment), admissions standards are not as high at the community colleges, the professors and instructors are not the same as at the university, admission records are kept separately, and one is called a university with four years of study required to graduate while the other is called a community college and requires two years of study for a degree…

This statement I cannot just let sit easily as I don’t believe it holds much truth.

My reply:


When you graduate from any college at the UH System… the Diploma that you receive, all come in the Same Hard Cover that you can see here:

I don’t know how long ago Hunter attended a Community College or UH here in Hawaii, but I can attest as being a student at both HawCC and UH of Manoa, that HawCC classes were much more difficult.  Once I got my Associates Degree I was able to transfer to UH Manoa or UH Hilo as a junior standing per the articulation agreements that agreed that course work within the Community Colleges would be deemed equal to that of the four year institutes.

You suggest that the teachers at Community Colleges are not at par with 4 year schools is also BS.  Most of my professors at HawCC were far superior then many of my professors at UH Manoa.  I learned far more at my time at HawCC then I ever did at UH Manoa.  At UH Manoa, many of my classes were taught by Grad Students who I felt I had much more knowledge in many subjects.

I was one of those who chose not to go to college directly out of High School and therefor never took things like the SAT test.  When I wanted to go back to college, the Community College opened a door for me that would not have been available at the four year institution.

Despite admission requirements, I can honestly tell you that most of the students that I dealt with at HawCC… Were far more mature then those kids at UH Manoa.

And that whole vocational response… In my entire time spent at HawCC, I didn’t take any “Vocational” classes.

Hunter, I don’t care whether you apologize to Mr. Pilago or to Mr. Rob Tucker,  But I do feel you owe an apology to the Staff, Faculty, Alumni and Current Students that work at or attend these Community Colleges.

Your statements are quite hurtful.

Damon Tucker
Hawaii Community College, AS Liberal Arts
University of Hawaii Manoa, BA Communication

2 Responses

  1. I agree!!

    My high school diploma says Portland Community College on it. I bailed on high school and did the credit at the local CC, this was legal in Oregon, I graduated six months ahead of my high school class and six months later I also had an AA in math as well. This meant the moment I stepped out of AF basic training I was bumped two ranks. My wife did much the same, getting her first two years at Pima CC before transferring to the University of Arizona to finish her degree.

    My CC experience was nothing but positive. Great instructors, good classes in a good environment. I was attending class with folks with kids and holding down jobs at the same time to make ends meet. They were there to learn, not worried about what they looked like or if they had the right date for Friday.

    All of the classes transferred without question. In balance the instructors were the best I have ever had. I still remember the chemistry teacher and what I learned in those labs twenty years later. I can not say that about any of the regular college instructors I have taken courses from, none of them stand out as particularly good though a couple I remember as particularly bad.

    If asked I would highly recommend taking your first two years of college at a CC, simply to save on the tuition. Many local CCs have agreements with nearby colleges for transfer programs with planned courses for specific degree tracks and automatic transfer of credits.

    Maybe there are bad CC’s out there, I haven’t seen one.

  2. Jeeze, not finding much of substance to uncover in Angel’s closet ..if this is the most he can come up with. Manini.
    Go Angel!!!

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