New Reality Show Based in Hawaii: Heart of Paradise

Some day I’ll tell some stories of MTV’s  Syrus Yarbrough being my upstairs neighbors in the UH Hilo Dorms.

Until then, we have another Reality Show taking place in Hawaii.

Shindy Media will help Contract Media Group promote its new reality TV show “Heart of Paradise” by building an interactive, video-based website for the show..

…”Heart of Paradise” tells the story of island residents experiencing a heart-warming transformation, challenging their own inhibitions as they come together to change a stranger’s life forever. Two teams of contestants compete in a series of challenging physical tasks utilizing the beauty of the Hawaiian islands while testing themselves and their teammates. The contestants must quickly learn to work together to make the dreams of a stranger come true. It’s a true test of both inner and outer strength. One team wins, one team loses — but in the end, everyone wins as a stranger’s life is changed forever…

…Says “Heart of Paradise” producer Cynthia Lockhart, “I originally learned of Shindy Media when I became aware of the Shindy.TV website and TV show they’ve produced. I was very impressed with what they’d done with both the site and the show, and felt their creativity and capabilities would be a great fit for developing a fan-based website for Contract Media Group’s new reality TV show, ‘Heart of Paradise.’ We’re very happy to be working with them as we prepare for our show’s launch this Fall…”

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Here is a trailer for it:


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  1. I remember Syrus too. I recently started going to school at Hawaii Community College in 1994. Syrus was a good friend of the RA of Hale Kehau (Who also played on the basketball team). I think his name was Fred. He was like this 6’5″ black guy who me and my friends played basketball with.

    The guys on the basketball team were a wild bunch.They had girls swarming after all of them
    I recall.

    Damon – Ah… you bring back memories… Fred Crawford is the guys name. I lived in Kehau when Fred was the RA. The next year I lived with the basketball team in Ikena Dorms with Jason Granger and Deshaun Hall. Yeah… we were a wild bunch. Funny, one of the girls on the Volleyball team that was dating one of the guys on the Basketball team, her son is now in my son’s preschool and on the same soccer team all these years later.
    Syrus is now on my “Myspace” page… me and about 500,000 are on his ;)

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