Kristine Kubat… “I’M OUT OF HERE”

Hunter Bishop blogged about the sudden departure of Big Island Weekly Editor Kristine Kubat.

In today’s BIW she has confirmed it here.

“…Aloha and mahalo for your interest in the Big Island Weekly. It is time for the paper to become more than a soapbox for the likes of me. See you soon at

Kristine Kubat is the outgoing editor of Big Island Weekly.”

Publisher Geoff Schumaker made a very cryptic comment:

“For readers of this blog post, I urge you not to confuse wild guesses with actual journalism.”

I then confirmed Hunters suspision by emailing Schumaker regarding the opening of a possible position, and he returned the emailĀ  mentioning that he was seeking resumes, however, he made no meniton of Kubat’s departure.

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