Andrew Cooper: Future About Space Objects and Tsunamis

Andrew Cooper recently posted some nice pictures of the Surface of Mercury on his blog and I noticed all the crater impacts on the planet.
Which lead me to the question:
Makes me wonder when something will crash down on Hawaii.
Isn’t it just a matter of time that pretty much everywhere on earth will eventually get hit with some sort of space debris? I’m talking real long term like billions and billions of years.
Andrew’s Response:
It will happen! A rock a couple meters in diameter hit the atmosphere over Sudan this week. This was the first time we discovered one before impact and predicted the impact point.

I would worry about something hitting somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and generating a tsunami.

I myself don’t worry too much, because I’m not chicken little and the sky isn’t falling on us… but I do assume we all are vulnerable for anything… I would assume that sometime in the future… Millions upon Billions of years away… something could happen.  It happened to the dinosaurs some say didn’t it?
National Geographic has this well played out video of what could happen if a landslide ever hit the Kohala Coast of the Big Island:

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  1. I would not be so quick to dismiss the threat. We get hit by something big enough to be destructive every century or two. The last hit in Tuskunga in 1908, just 100 years ago, flattening several hundred square miles of forest.

    If you want to reevaluate your understanding of the threat, check out the NEO page for the full info. October is a busy month, ten near misses and one confirmed impact. The object 2008 TZ came within 1.3 million miles on the 10th and is around 37 meters in diameter, big enough to blot out a city.

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