Manu Kai LLC Receives $52,983,851 for Navy Project

Wow, I can’t believe this start-up company, Manu Kai LLC, that was just started in 2006 and according to this report only has one employee, is receiving a $52,983, 851 contract that could rise to $737,932,436 over 10 years.

Manu Kai, LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii, is being awarded a $52,983,851 fixed price, indefinite quantity cost plus fixed fee contract for range operations support and base operations support services. This contract includes a one-year base period, with nine one-year option periods which, if exercised, bring the total estimated value of the contract to $737,932,436. Work will be performed in Kauai, Hawaii, and work is expected to be completed by Sept. 2018. Contract funds in the amount of $31,700,310 will expire before the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was competitively procured through Navy Electronic Commerce Online and Federal Business Opportunities website, with four offers received. The Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, is the contracting activity.”

2 Responses

  1. Manu Kai, LLC is a joint venture company set up by ITT and Akimeka. Obviously a 1 person company does not have the credentials or qualifications to win a 53M contract.

    Damon – it turns out there are going to be 500 + working on this

  2. Believe it – total gvt sham and good old boy network in play here. Corporate Welfare gone crazy. Whoever the owner is will be a multi-millionaire within 5 years (just from the profits of the work alone). If he is able to sell the company then he will have an even bigger pay day. Good work if you can get it. Good old US of A is rapidly descending into the toilet of hell…

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