Living on the Big Island… Seeking Employment

Many people move to the Big Island with this big idea that they are moving to Hawaii and getting away from all the mainland BS.

Of course living in “Paradise” is everyones dream.

People save up  their life savings just to retire here.

Is Hawaii the dream place that many people make it out to be?

Why do I see so many people moving here and suffering.

I don’t know what I would do without the support of ohana.

Finding employment on the Big Island for even those that are well qualified in many positions has become a bitch for even the best of us.

After 8-9 years working in a State job with DOE on Oahu, I made the choice to give up money to come home and live a simpler life so that I could be closer to Ohana.  My wife made it easier for me to make this decision nearly 3 years ago when she found an Agriculture job with the USDA that has made my transition over here easier.

I knew that finding a job might present some problems for me, but I really did not know the extreme situation that some people are actually in here on the Big Island.

I just want to say thanks to my mom, my wife, my in-laws and the rest of my ohana who have all given me support while I try to get back in the groove here on the Big Island.

So while I’m at it… I need to get the word out… I’m unemployed and looking for work.

If you have any job leads… feel free to email me at [email protected]

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