Weblog Haters… I’ve Got ‘Em

The Konablog recently had a couple blogs about haters of his website.

Well I’m sure I have many of them too.

I just recently got a comment from former Hawaii Tribune Herald Journalist David Smith:

In which he asks:

…Damon, are you trying to become the National Enquirer of the local blogosphere? You also recently had a hed that said “a part of Saddle Road to be torn up and repaved,” yet nothing you presented said that was anything more than just a possibility. Are you that desperate for readers that you will print anything?…

Where in the world would such an idiotic statement come from?  I don’t get paid for what I write about… I’m not a journalist like you are Dave.  I write because I have free time, and enjoy doing so.

I do understand a Journalist’s dislike for Bloggers… as bloggers have practically made his form of employment non-existent now with anyone being able to report on things without having to be watched over by some other entity such as Stephens Media, Gannett, etc.

And your part about the Saddle Road… Sorry I forgot to add a question mark at the end of my “hed”… it’s there now… but even you as a journalist should know… Headlines don’t often reflect the true gist of the story.  I simply left out a question mark… my bad.  I don’t have copy editors as you may have had in the past Mr. Smith.  (Another good thing about blogs… I can go back and change things as people notice the error… Mahalo!  Had this been in print… well I couldn’t have corrected the fact that I forgot to put in a question mark)


The Puna National Enquirer ;)

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  1. Leaving aside the name calling there are real issues here, ones we all have to wrestle with when we decide to create a blog that addresses issues and covers local or national events. I have come to rely on Damon’s, Aaron’s and other local blogs for a good portion of my information about what is going on around The Island. But I understand the possible issues with this while reading.

    I also read some of the local papers, usually WHT, for the balance of my information. I wish I these papers were better, but often they have poorly written articles that convey little important information. If they cover a story at all. There was a TMT article in today’s paper that I read twice, realizing it contained very little substantive information. So often the blogs beat the papers to the information, providing better details and more timely info.

  2. The “wuss” comment was the one I had second thoughts about – not the one about your desperate approach to blogging. Aren’t you paying attention?

    Damon – I beat you to the punch…and edited my last comment before you posted this.

    Paying attention… yeah right… I guess you don’t know I’m the king of day dreamers.

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