New Insurance Option for Select Hawaii Workers

Many people think that if your employed and working full time that your employer covers your insurance.

I worked the last 8-9 years for the Department of Education and know for a fact that people in State and Government positions that were hired within the last 10 years still pay 50% of their insurance premiums which is a big chunk of change.

SUA Insurance Company is now offering property/casualty insurance coverage to select customer groups in Hawaii, including general artisan contractors, roofing contractors, towing and recovery, trucking and transportation, and workers’ compensation, according to the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Insurance Division…  More Here

If I were an employer, I would look at this company seriously if given the opportunity.

I don’t know much about insurance… but the more companies that we can have options from would seem to help the average consumer.

Big Island Farmer Richard Ha Honored by UH Shidlers Business College Hall of Fame

Congratulations needs to be extended to Richard Ha for his recent induction into the UH Shidler College Business Hall of Honor.

Richard writes about receiving the award on his most recent blog here.

Photo Courtesy of Ha Ha Ha!

Photo Courtesy of Ha Ha Ha!

STYX This Weekend at the Hilton Waikoloa

I loved STYX growing up back in the days.  I wish I had the opportunity to go to this concert on Saturday over at the Hilton Waikoloa.  Well I have the opportunity, however, it’s just a bit too far of a drive for me to going over just for the concert.  Anyone want to hook me up with a hotel room? ;)

Check out  King Michel Concerts for more information.  You can actually get a packaged deal at the Waikoloa for a discounted rate.

They are also playing on Oahu this Thursday the 9th at the Blaisdell.

Domo Arigato Mr Roboto!


Oops… Honolulu Advertiser Jumps the Gun (Like I Haven’t Ever Done that Before)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Project Better Place was in negotiations with Hawaii.

The Honolulu Advertiser reported yesterday:

The next car you buy could be powered by electricity.


Electric vehicles are expected to be available in Hawai’i’s auto showrooms in 2011, and Palo Alto, Calif.-based company Better Place is planning to build a vast network of charging stations on four islands to keep them rolling.

I will stick to my original blog posting about them still being negotiations.

This article backs me up on the negotiations still being in progress:

“Despite a report by a Hawaii newspaper, Better Place says it has not yet finalized a deal to bring its network of electric-car-battery swapping and recharging stations to the Aloha state…”

More Here

I wonder how long it will take for them to make a correction… or will they?

The Worlds Coolest 83 Year Old Grandmother

This one speaks for itself!


You Heard of The Pastor, the Rabbi and the Imam Go Surfing… It’s No Joke

…After praising the Lord (or “The Big Kahuna”) for the killer waves for the babes and dudes assembled before him, Father Christian Mondor said, “May they hang 10 on thy oceanic bounty and, if it be in accordance with thy gnarly plan, may they not wipe out…”

More Here

Today’s KO

The reason amateurs don’t get paid:


Weblog Haters… I’ve Got ‘Em

The Konablog recently had a couple blogs about haters of his website.

Well I’m sure I have many of them too.

I just recently got a comment from former Hawaii Tribune Herald Journalist David Smith:

In which he asks:

…Damon, are you trying to become the National Enquirer of the local blogosphere? You also recently had a hed that said “a part of Saddle Road to be torn up and repaved,” yet nothing you presented said that was anything more than just a possibility. Are you that desperate for readers that you will print anything?…

Where in the world would such an idiotic statement come from?  I don’t get paid for what I write about… I’m not a journalist like you are Dave.  I write because I have free time, and enjoy doing so.

I do understand a Journalist’s dislike for Bloggers… as bloggers have practically made his form of employment non-existent now with anyone being able to report on things without having to be watched over by some other entity such as Stephens Media, Gannett, etc.

And your part about the Saddle Road… Sorry I forgot to add a question mark at the end of my “hed”… it’s there now… but even you as a journalist should know… Headlines don’t often reflect the true gist of the story.  I simply left out a question mark… my bad.  I don’t have copy editors as you may have had in the past Mr. Smith.  (Another good thing about blogs… I can go back and change things as people notice the error… Mahalo!  Had this been in print… well I couldn’t have corrected the fact that I forgot to put in a question mark)


The Puna National Enquirer ;)

Pahoa Elementary Becoming a Circus?

Nope, it’s not becoming a circus… It’s getting termite treated and the tents are being set up now for the fumigation process.

I remember the first time arriving on the Big Island and driving past Hilo Elementary School and it was getting termite fumigated.

I said to my mom… “Look a circus” as I had never seen termite tents before in Washington.

Adaptive Optics, The Military, TMT and the Correlation

Andrew Cooper and Aaron Stene are absolutely positive that the work being done with the Telescopes up on Mauna Kea have no military connection.  I believe the following article dispells that myth and shows that there is a direct link to Adaptive Optics, the Military and the TMT.

I might be grasping for straws, but I want to be assured that the TMT is not going to be used for ANY Research or Development for Military purposes.  Neither Andrew or Aaron or anyone else for that matter has been able to show me that the TMT won’t be used for Military purposes.

…The innovative iris authentication solution from AOptix can automatically find and accurately identify a subject’s iris at a stand-off distance of 2meters from the system. The system uses the principles of adaptive optics, which were initially used in astronomy for real-time correction of optical abnormalities resulting from atmospheric disturbances.

Increasing terrorist threats and security infringements over the past few years have highlighted the need for better border management solutions,challenging the security industry and government authorities to develop and implement customized solutions that will effectively identify and screen cross border travelers,” says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Deepa Rangarajan.”Assessment must happen quickly and unobtrusively to avoid bottlenecks, and AOptix’s stand-off recognition technology — effectively “iris at a distance”– provides an ideal solution…”

AOptix Technologies was formed in 2000 by a group of scientists from the Center for Adaptive Optics at the University of Hawaii who have years of technical expertise in the field of adaptive optics. The company applies adaptive optics technology to the fields of Free Space Optical Communications and biometric identification. It is involved in developing advanced optical solutions to serve the needs of both government and commercial sectors. The company holds several patents in the field of adaptive optics, with further innovations that are patent pending.

More Here