How to Spend $23 Million in Two Months in Waikiki

It cost $23 million to build. But now, the stage of “Waikiki Nei” is dark. Friday night it had its final performance, at least until the holiday season. The two-month-old production that tells the history of Waikiki was not packing in the audiences. In September, average attendance was between 250 to 300 in a showroom that seats more than 700.


2 Responses

  1. Can you say Circue Du Waikiki?

  2. I know their counts for September averaged between 75 and 200, not the 250 to 300 that was in the papers or on TV. The “sell-out” shows were composed mostly of locals with comps. Personally I think the show didn’t have the appeal that would draw customers in. Plus the ticket costs should be reserved for shows in Vegas or New York.

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