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Former Big Island Weed Runner “Gonzo” Featured in Colorado Paper

I don’t know the guy personally, but I have heard of stories similar to the one that he talks about in todays “Summit Daily News”

Chris Gonzales, or “Gonzo” to most anyone who has known him…

In his words …

I moved here from Hawaii in ’89. I bought two acres of land on the Big Island when I was 17 and lived in the woods, basically, for five years. Camped. Slept in a hammock under a tarp, collected rainwater for drinking water, cooked on a Coleman stove. No electricity...

It was really hard to get ahead there. I did anything from farming ginger to, well, I moved there growing pot, of course. But that was before the whole war on drugs, Reagan’s war on drugs. I used to go to the airport with a big old backpack full of weed, and they’d go: “Oh, this is all you’re taking back, Gonzo?” “Yeah.” Fly into California, go hang out for like three months, and come back with all kinds of money

More Here

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