More on the Stinkhorn Mushroom and Ladies Orgasms

I blogged about the Stinkhorn Mushroom giving women orgasms here. (It’s scientific name is Phallus Indusiatus) which in itself sounds pretty suggestive if you know what a Phallic Symbol is.

Someone emailed me and asked me if this was legit.

As I said in my previous post… “I’ll put this in the strange and weird files”

I really don’t know if it’s true or not, and obviously I won’t ever be able to test the theory on myself ;)

Here is the Wikipedia entry on it: (remember… there is no proven science behind wiki entries for the most part)

Previously only collected in the wild, where it is uncommon, it was rare and difficult to procure. However, it has been cultivated in China since 1979. It was previously reserved for special occasions, one such being a banquet for Henry Kissinger on his visit to China to reestablish diplomatic relations in the early 1970s.

Since then, advances in cultivation have made it cheaper and more available. The Hong Kong price for a kilogram of dried mushrooms reached around US $770 in 1982, but had dropped to US $100-200 by 1988. Further advances led to it dropping further to US $10-20.

According to an article in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, the smell of this fungus can trigger spontaneous orgasms in human females.

I think I need to start growing some of these… from the amount of hits that previous post got, it seems there could be a market for them ;)

I betcha I could put Viagra out of business… just think of the possibilities here guys… Pleasing EVERY TIME!!!

And ladies for that matter… heck…husband can’t do the trick… just bust out the mushroom!

Anyone know where I can get some spores/seeds/starts so I can propagate these shooms? :)


Paul Ogata on these Mushrooms “I gotta go find some of those mushrooms and make a cologne out of them. Then walk down the street on a windy day.”

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  1. Hullo Damon and Islanders,
    Indeed, anyone can put anything up on Wikipedia, and this is only one example of bad science masquerading as truth.

    Stinkhorns are marvelous creations, bizarre and beautiful, but their fragrance is hardly alluring, to most.

    Stinkhorns, like many of the plant and fungal species found on human-altered island ecologies, are mostly brought in with plant material. Some may have even come with the first island colonizers of Polynesia, along with their bamboo, one of the original plants thought to be brought to the islands.

    Most are inadvertently brought to the islands in recent times with ornamental trees, mulch and the like. It is common to see these saprobic stinkhorn fungi (ones that break down organic matter) in gardens, parks, lawns and the like, but they are not “native” to the Islands, they were introduced.

    I am a woman, and one who has smelled a variety of stinkhorns, and not with delight! The prominent odor profile of the majority of stinkhorns, including those found in Hawaii, are of chemicals that remarkably mimic the odor of rotting flesh and/or shit. Does that sound sexy to YOU?

    Yeah, me neither.

    The quasi-research paper by Holliday is a joke, and that is the only “reference” cited by Wikipedia on this topic. I have read the entire paper, and it doesn’t hold up to the light of day.

    Stinkhorns causing female orgasm be a myth, Dude, even if certain Mythusses seem to have bought in. Swooning with ecstasy at the sight of a stinking pseudo-phallus? Honey, you need to get out more!

    My advice to the ladies: there are way mo’ bettah ways to get off, if that’s your goal.

    I will leave that to your imagination, but I assure you, no steenkin’ stinkhorns necessary.

    Yours in Mycological Truth,

    Debbie Viess
    Bay Area Mycological Society

  2. I found these on the big Island at lava tree park. The first time I had no idea and only saw them as gorgeous then it happened and I knew they were different! I gave them to girlfriends and all agreed. I showed some scientists and they were studying it. I planted them all over Puna and some friends have let me know theirs grew!!

  3. So I’m following this dude who helps maintain the World Botanical Garden around, and what do we happen upon?

    Thats right… Stinkhorn Mushrooms!!

    Because of what I read on your blog, I was mystified! Maybe even a little scared.

    The guy I was with, who knew just about every plant on Earth, recognized them immediately, and was chuckling to himself (I think more about how they were shaped)

    He even picked one and smelled it (nothing happened) and said he was going to show it to a (female) employee.

    Not wanting to participate in some accidental harassment of sorts, I asked if he knew about the legend of their effects on women? He claimed not to know of any such reaction… (but he was smiling when he said that)

    I wasn’t there for the shroom presentation, so I can’t say I know what happened next. I think I’m glad about that, but still curious.

    Thats the end of my humble tale.

    (I got footage of them, too)


    Damon – Dude… hook me up!

  4. Imagine if they had one for men.

    Damon – They do… it’s name is Women

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