Hilo Football Theft, Educational Spending, and Video Conferencing

I put the HPD press release in my blog yesterday regarding the Locker Room Theft of Hilo’s Football team,

Advertiser Blogger, Wes Nakama has more on it today:

…I guess in Hilo, when it rains, it really does pour.  “But considering all the bad news we’ve had to report in the past two months, it’s more like pouring salt in our wounds…”

I’d just like to emphasize one thing he states:

…There’s been a lot of bad things that happened in high school sports the past two months, but they will never outweigh all the good things that happen every day

Hunter Bishop recently stated:

…Then I’d proposed that education needs more money, not less. That might entail cuts to things that aren’t exactly educational, such as interscholastic sports. But most of you knew I’d go there first, anyway…

Which I tend to disagree.  Don’t cut sports… Cut things like INTER-ISLAND Travel.  With the Video Conferencing System that the Hawaii Department of Education has spent over a  million on… There is no reason for inter-island travel anymore.

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