U.S. Department of Energy Awards Hawaii Two Grants for Wave to Energy Systems

Just noticed that Hawaii received a few grants to study Wave Energy

Topic area 1, technology development. (Award size: up to $600,000 for up to two years.)

Concepts ETI Inc. — Development and demonstration of an OWC power system. Concepts ETI will design, manufacture and install a second-generation wave converter system for long-term operation in Maui, Hawaii.

Topic area 3, national marine energy centers. (Award size: up to $1.2 million/yr for up to five years.)

University of Hawaii — National Renewable Marine Energy Center in Hawaii. The National Marine Renewable Energy Center in Hawaii will facilitate the development and implementation of commercial wave energy systems for use in Hawaii and elsewhere in the world, and to assist the private sector to move ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) systems beyond proof-of-concept to pre-commercialization, long-term testing.

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