Superferry Admits to Military Suitability and Lease Potential

I blogged on August 16th about the new superferry being built in Alabama and casually joked that it would be easier for the Strikers to board and un-board.  I also blogged about how Saddle Road was getting a new road just so that the Strykers could get to the Superferry here.

Well the confirmation has been made, at least in my mind, that this will primarily end up catering to the Military.  (Hat tip to Larry Geller)

…At 113 meters (373 feet) long, the vessel launched Monday is 6 meters (19.8 feet) longer than Alakai, thanks to a ramp Austal added to its stern, making it suitable for military use. Industry watchers have said leasing the vessel to the military is a possibility, though the company said it is sticking by its plan to operate it commercially…

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