Chile vs. Mauna Kea: Thirty Meter Telescope…The Location Poll

I just noticed that a worldwide survey was conducted… unbeknown to many of us here on the islands I would assume because I never heard about the survey before today:

A worldwide survey to select the best locations for astronomy research has narrowed the number of potential sites to two: Cerro Armazones in Chile’s Atacama Desert and Mauna Kea on Hawai’i Island. Each of the candidate sites has conditions that are essential to astronomy: very clear skies, very stable atmospheric conditions above the mountaintop, and low humidity.

So I decided I would run a my own poll.  I’m curious where I could find the other poll listed above though?

Where would people like this Thirty Meter Telescope to be if there is an option?

I’m moving the Poll to the top of the Page.

Cockroach Eating at UH KEO Frat House

I know some people that had to do some pretty harsh things when they were trying to pledge to KEO… (no I was not a member).

But this one is pretty sick:


I’m actually amazed these guys take their shoes off at the door!

Hawaii County Police Spending $175,000 on Mainland Bio-Key Company

BIO-key International, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: BKYI), a leader in finger-based biometric identification and wireless public safety, announced today that its Law Enforcement group has been awarded $700,000 in software and related services orders in the third quarter of 2008 to date.  More than 40% of the order value in the third quarter is comprised of awards from new customers and additional agencies hosted by current customers. The new agencies include the Pulaski County (IN) Sheriff’s Office and Bexley (OH) Police Department. Awards from current customers include a $175,000 add-on contract from the Hawaii County (HI) Police Department.

More Here

Missing Big Island Men

The Hawaii Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locating a 39-year-old Hilo man who has been missing since September 26.

Troy Douglas Toussaint is described as Caucasian, about 5-foot-10, approximately 210 pounds with short brown hair, hazel eyes and a fair complexion.

He was last seen at his home in the upper Waiakea Uka area at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, September 26.  He was wearing beige shorts, a white T-shirt and brown tennis shoes and was operating a gold 2002 Pontiac Grand Am 4-door sedan, license plate KTM-997.

The Hawaii Police Department is searching for a 28-year-old Honokaa man who was reported missing Friday (September 26).

Kalanihuia Forbes of Honokaa was last seen in Honokaa around 11 a.m. on Friday. He has a medical condition that may require medication.

Forbes is described as being Hawaiian-Mexican-Caucasian, 5-foot-11, about 120 pounds with brown eyes, shaved black hair, a goatee and various tattoos on his arms down to the knuckles. He was last seen wearing a black Harely-Davidson button-up collared shirt, black jeans and brown loafers.

Police believe he may be on Oahu.

That Effing “Drop” at Luquins/Akebono Parking Lot

They really need to fix the entrance to the Luquins/Akebono Driveway.  I was fortunate enough to enter using a high lifted truck… but while I waited outside for my food, I kept hearing car after car scraping the concrete as they came in and out of Luquins.

Alaka’i Retreat Program Begins this Weekend in Pahala

A unique opportunity for people in and outside government to take their understanding of community building to new levels.

Family and Community Leadership (FCL)
“Training of Leaders”

Jean Young and the FCL Team

An educational program of empowerment designed to help individuals improve the quality of life in Hawai’i. The “Training of Leaders” series of workshops equips people with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that help them accomplish their own goals to make life better for their families and communities.

This training is led by Jean Young and her dynamic team. This training was developed over the last 25 years in the UH Manoa College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources.

This workshop is the first of three workshops and will take place at the Pahala Plantation House from Friday, October 3 at 9:00 a.m. till Sunday, October 5 at 6 p.m.

Busboys, Bartenders and Lifeguards Considered Well Needed Skills in Hawaii?

I had to laugh when I read that Busboys, Bartenders and Lifeguards were well needed skills here in Hawaii in this article on America’s Best and Worst Paying Jobs:

When we first looked at America’s best- and worst-paying jobs a year back, we asked the question, “Why do financially pushy parents want their children to marry doctors?” Our answer then: Because, as Willie Sutton said of banks, that is where the money is. Still is…

…Remote states, particularly Alaska and Hawaii, also pay well for needed skills. On average, Hawaii pays best for busboys, bartenders and lifeguards.

I think I need to find me a “Busboy” position… that would really pay my bills ;)

Former Hawaii Mental Patient Convicted of San Diego Stabbings

Just noticed this out of San Diego:

A parolee accused of stabbing a couple in Hillcrest for no apparent reason while he was on parole for assaulting a police officer was convicted Monday of assault with a deadly weapon but acquitted of torture charges.

In addition to the two assault counts, the six-man, six-woman jury convicted 32-year-old Jared Jacobson of allegations that he used a knife and caused great bodily injury in the Feb. 4, 2007, attack on Caroline and Donald Stewart…

…Britt said the mental health system failed Jacobson, who first saw a psychiatrist when he was 14 1/2 and later traveled from Hawaii to New York to attempt suicide by jumping off a bridge…

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Today’s KO

This one got me kind of queasy so just a warning:


Hawaii Advisory Boards Not Subject to Hawaii Sunshine Law? H-130 Advisory Board???

I just read on Ian Lind’s Blog that:

“First, according to OIP, a board created by resolution (rather than state statute or county ordinance) is generally not subject to the Sunshine Law…”

Now I have to wonder if the Hawaii 130 Advisory Task force that I’m on was created by Resolution!

This could be terrible if it is.

This is an important question that I will be asking at the next meeting.

More on the opinion found here (Opinion 08-02)

Please note the Questions Presented and the Brief Answers Given

Eye Candy from the Import Extreme Show in Honolulu

Hey, all us guys like a good looking car don’t we ;)


Hubble Telescope Fails… “The hardware failed, it’s unrecoverable…”

I wonder how much this is going to cost taxpayers?

A serious equipment failure aboard the Hubble Space Telescope is preventing it from relaying data and images to scientists on Earth and will likely delay a shuttle mission to overhaul the observatory next month, NASA officials said Monday.

The glitch occurred Saturday in one of two sides of a device known as a Control Unit/Science Data Formatter that is responsible for sending data from Hubble to scientists on Earth…

The hardware failed, it’s unrecoverable,” Beutel told “They did testing and it’s no longer fixable from the ground…”

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Department of Homeland Security Center to Open at UH Next Week

Geez… it seems like the  UH System is getting more and more military related projects at the college.  Pretty soon it’s going to be an “Academy”.

The new U.S. Department of Homeland Security center of excellence at the University of Hawaii at Manoa will open next week.

An opening ceremony for the National Center for Island, Maritime and Extreme Environment Security (CIMES) is scheduled for Oct. 7 at the East-West Center…

…CIMES will also work with the Maui High Performance Computing Center, the Pacific Disaster Center, the Hawaii Ocean Observing System, Intelesense (California), the U.S. Coast Guard and relevant federal and state agencies…

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UH Sliding in Sexual Health Report Card

In 2006 University of Hawaii was ranked 46th for the Sexual Health Report card.

In 2007 UH slid down to 68th.

Now in 2008 we have slid all the down to 111th.

…The makers of Trojan(R) brand condoms today released the results of the third annual Trojan Sexual Health Report Card. Conducted by Sperling’s BestPlaces, an independent research firm, the 2008 survey ranks sexual health resources and services at more than 130 colleges and universities across the country. A combination of expanded methodology, uniformly high student rankings, comprehensive STD and HIV testing services, and broad condom and contraception availability helped the Stanford Cardinals fly to No.1 this year, up from No. 41 in 2007…

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