Local TV Signals Scrambled?

Wonder why all the local stations signals are all scrambled?

Satellite in a “Sunspot” possibly?

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  1. I got word from one of my contacts at Oceanic that
    there was a problem with the fiber optic line servicing the Big Island yesterday. Hence why we had an outage.

  2. I found out that they are having issues with their digital cable service here in Kona. As far as I understand the Digital cable feed for the entire island originates from the Kona headend.

    The tech’s are working overnight to fix this issue.


    Damon – Thanks for the update. When I was installing DVR’s at the Schools here throughout the state… I had direct access to Oceanic’s numbers for my job. I still use them even though I’m no longer with DOE.

  3. If your talking about the pixellation on the local analog and digital channels I think there was an issue with Oceanic. I’m on the phone with them right now trying to figure out what happened.

    Damon – Yeah… I used to work for the DOE TV station… I know what’s going on… I believe.

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