Four Seasons Hualalai Ranks #4 in Best U.S. Resorts

Just noticed that the Four Seasons Hualalai on the Kona side of the Big Island made #4 in Best U.S. Resorts.

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  1. Puako….hmmmm that side of the island nearly extinct volcanic wise (The Kohala Mountains are the only mountain on this island considered extinct)..

    Damon – Like I said… I believed it to be steam. This could have been generated from a number of things. However, at the time to me… it did look similar to the vents I have seen in the Volcano National Park. It was strange to see it…but it truly looked like steam coming from a vent. I don’t know what caused this…but I did see this. It could have been simply that it was raining earlier on the hot lava rocks…thus creating steam… but what I saw…was very strange.

  2. I’ve lived here 33 years. I’ve never seen steam coming off the flanks of Hualalai. Care to cite a location ?

    On top of the the vog isn’t as bad up there versus farther south.

    Aaron – I’m not here to respond to Cloudia’s response… however, I’ve seen what I believe to be steam coming from vents on that side of the island in Puako as recently as 5 years ago.

  3. Ah, Kona sunsets! What effect will Madame Pele have on NEXT YEAR’s rankings? Do the visitors even notice the vog? And remember: Hualalai is resting, not dormant; steam can be seen along her flanks above Kailua Town….and so the geological story of the islands continues. . .

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