Dept. of Education Broke: 9… 3… 5 = Going Back to College

I’ve worked for many jobs throughout my life… everything from a small little “Bead Bracelet” type of thing that I tried to entrepreneur when I was about 12… working for Kentucky Fried Chicken…working as a cashier at a large grocery store… working as an Assistant Manager at “Leatherland” in a mall… all before I even got a college education.

I got an opportunity to leave the mainland and get an education here in Hawaii.

I received my Associates Degree at Hawaii Community College while working for the school paper, becoming a student government senator, and eventually meeting my future wife.

I then moved on to UH Manoa to progress my education where I was on the “Dean’s List” each semester as I plowed through and received my BA in Communication.

After working a Legislative session for the Broadcast team for the Hawaii State Legislature and learning a few things about the legislature, I then got hired to work for PREL Pacific Resources for Learning and Education for a year on a temporary assignment assisting the evening broadcasts of Kamehameha Schools Night time programming through out the islands.

This lead me to my job with the Department of Education where I stayed for about 8 – 9 years.

I up and quit only to return home to where my “Ohana” is now.¬† My wife and baby returned 3 years previously and I was truly missing them so much that it was making me “sick” of missing my baby and wife.

I was accepted to become an Educational Assistant within the Keaau/Pahoa/Kau Complex… however, I have recently found out that DOE doesn’t have the money now for these type of positions despite advertising them continuously.

Well¬† … 9 years with the DOE, 3 of them without my wife and baby… and now 5 months of being unemployed… I’ve decided to go back to college for my BS in AGRICULTURE.

Wish me luck… It should be a breeze….. hopefully!

In the meantime… Anyone need Student Help?

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