Dept. of Education Broke: 9… 3… 5 = Going Back to College

I’ve worked for many jobs throughout my life… everything from a small little “Bead Bracelet” type of thing that I tried to entrepreneur when I was about 12… working for Kentucky Fried Chicken…working as a cashier at a large grocery store… working as an Assistant Manager at “Leatherland” in a mall… all before I even got a college education.

I got an opportunity to leave the mainland and get an education here in Hawaii.

I received my Associates Degree at Hawaii Community College while working for the school paper, becoming a student government senator, and eventually meeting my future wife.

I then moved on to UH Manoa to progress my education where I was on the “Dean’s List” each semester as I plowed through and received my BA in Communication.

After working a Legislative session for the Broadcast team for the Hawaii State Legislature and learning a few things about the legislature, I then got hired to work for PREL Pacific Resources for Learning and Education for a year on a temporary assignment assisting the evening broadcasts of Kamehameha Schools Night time programming through out the islands.

This lead me to my job with the Department of Education where I stayed for about 8 – 9 years.

I up and quit only to return home to where my “Ohana” is now.  My wife and baby returned 3 years previously and I was truly missing them so much that it was making me “sick” of missing my baby and wife.

I was accepted to become an Educational Assistant within the Keaau/Pahoa/Kau Complex… however, I have recently found out that DOE doesn’t have the money now for these type of positions despite advertising them continuously.

Well  … 9 years with the DOE, 3 of them without my wife and baby… and now 5 months of being unemployed… I’ve decided to go back to college for my BS in AGRICULTURE.

Wish me luck… It should be a breeze….. hopefully!

In the meantime… Anyone need Student Help?

If You Complain to Oceanic… They Might Just Credit You for Tonights Service

In the past, when I have had problems with Oceanic, they have been very reasonable in crediting my account for loss of service until things are repaired.

They even credit your account if they don’t show up for service calls.

On Oahu, I was not able to receive KFVE clearly due to “Leaching” caused by neighbors that didn’t have their cable connections secured.

I bitched for a few months and they were not able to identify where the “Leaching” was coming from.  They finally agreed to give me “FREE” Digital SERVICE just so that I could receive my UH SPORTS clear… because they could not resolve the issue.

Every penny counts in today’s economy… you might get a dollar or two credited to your next cable bill if you make a legitimate complaint.


Local TV Signals Scrambled?

Wonder why all the local stations signals are all scrambled?

Satellite in a “Sunspot” possibly?

Today’s KO


PLEASE VIEW THIS: The Other Hawaii

Found this very interesting clip:

Part I


Part II


Four Seasons Hualalai Ranks #4 in Best U.S. Resorts

Just noticed that the Four Seasons Hualalai on the Kona side of the Big Island made #4 in Best U.S. Resorts.