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Shipping in Hawaii to be Interrupted? TMT the Answer?

Richard Ha recently made an interesting comment on my blog regarding the TMT project and the possibility of Shipping being interrupted here in Hawaii.

…When I say that– “we cannot depend on ships to take care of us”. I am using a figure of speech. Some feel shipping will be interrupeted in a few years, others think it may be 15 years or more. I don’t know anyone who believes that this will not happen. It is just prudent to be safe rather than sorry…

Well Richard, now you do know someone that doesn’t think shipping will be interrupted.  I just think were all going to be paying a hell of a lot higher prices for things.

The human being is a beast and we depend on ships here in Hawaii.  We would be come very Beastly people if they ever stopped.  Crime would increase, mortality rates would decrease, and tourism would end.

What I see happening… is that in order to live and survive here in Hawaii… you will either need to free yourself from the economy as much as you can… or leave Hawaii.

So I just need to ask someone… How would the TMT project keep shipping from getting interrupted if it does get interrupted?

7 Responses

  1. Andrew Cooper wrote up an interesting post on
    the benefits of astronomy below


  2. Aloha Damon:

    Thanks for the interesting dialogue.

    Who knows? It may be that the barges going back and forth will use sails and diesel/or?- for back up.

    Gail Tverberg, told the audience when she gave a talk at the energy forum here in Hilo— that, as an island state we were fortunate because we had a tradition of going places by boat. Some folks groaned and rolled their eyes. I don’t get the impression that the Traspac people would have rolled their eyes.

    Damon – One must remember that the Hawaiian Populations was well over 200,000 on Hawaii Island alone long before oil ever came here. They seemed to do just fine… until oil did come.

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