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  1. Deception by Kenoi regarding the Council’s voting down the Wheelabrator proposal.
    The process was NOT cut short by the Council vote.
    As can be seen on the links below, Wheelabrator was tasked to present a “best and final offer”. Twice an extension was granted to Wheelabrator to provide more informaiton. When the “best and final offer” was public and obviously unsatisfactory then Wheelabrator commenced to try to stall. (slide #19)

    Kenoi mis-statements to the media table on September 4 on the issue of waste:

    1) Stated that the RFP was for the companies to “come in and help us solve it.” That sounds nice, but is NOT true — instead, the RFP narrowed the choices to a “waste reduction technology” and then further limited the options so that only combustion (incineration) remained. Angel Pilago publicly and repeatedly expressed concerns about this narrowing of options.

    2) Stated that the amount of trash was not going to decrease and would only increase. This is totally against what is happening on the leading edge of Zero Waste, such as in New Zealand, as well as the Philippines where incineration has been banned.

    Damon – I see Kenoi has ruffled your feathers.

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