Hawaii Stationed Marine Shot While on Leave in New Jersey

A 26-year-old man was charged today with shooting and injuring a U.S. Marine Friday night on a residential street in Bridgewater, authorities said today.

The suspect, Jared J. Armbruster, is accused of shooting Lance Cpl. Joseph Patishnock in the abdomen at 11:30 p.m. at Third and Fulton streets, Somerset County Proscutor Wayne Forrest said. It was unclear what led to the shooting. Patishnock, 21, is an Iraq war veteran and was home on leave from his post in Hawaii, Forrest said…

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You know, I’m really against this war in Iraq.  I support our soldiers, just not our commander in chief.

It sucks when these Iraq veterans come back to America after standing up for our country only to be shot by one of our own.

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  1. I was the girl dating Jay and who was formerly engaged to joey…they are both wonderful guys and the situation was terrible. and NONE of you know ANYTHING because you weren’t there. It was a tragedy on every end and BOTH parties were at fault. So stop talking about it like you really know anything.

  2. Yeah I guess Jay aka Jared (my friend) is a scumbag huh? But what the paper fails to mention is that the good marine kid Joey and a couple of his buddies went to go jump Jay. So Jay being outnumbered by like 4 or 5 guys did what he had to do.

    Damon – Do you have any way to verify this?

    • So, what was your friend doing carrying a weapon concealed, illegally, at a party? And what do you have to say about the drug charges brought up after the authorities searched his property?

      You’re right, the news doesn’t mention everything, does it.

  3. Paper and news always get shit wrong..so yeah…and no one says “Joyzy”…just idiot outsiders who assume that…

  4. I’m cool wit joey…he’s a good kid…no reason he deserved that shit..Jared is going to get what he has coming to him…scumbag…

    Damon – I see your from New Joyzy…so I’ll assume you know the situation more then what the paper has reported.

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