20,000 Plus…. Mahalo

I haven’t even blogged for more than two months now.

I was just looking at the stats on my blog and I truly am blown away by the support I have been receiving on my blog.  I have only blogged now for two months and I’m truly thankful of those that have read what I have blogged about.


Busiest day: 660 — Wednesday, Augst 13, 2008.

I know I will piss a few people off here and then, but I hope you all have been enjoying my blog.

2 Responses

  1. I got over 40k page views on my blog. My highest recorded day was around 330 page views. That wason the days surrounding primary election.

    Damon – I’m thinking my highest day was around the day I released the Akamai Voter Smear thing on Kenoi.

  2. Congratulations! I have only been keeping count for six months and in that time I am just over 10k visits. I notice that sometimes you put up five to ten posts (or more) in a single day, how do you do it?


    Damon – Just too much time on my hands?

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