Proposition Submitted for Google Project

I just submitted a proposal to the:

Project 10100

I named it the “Gutterator” short for Gutter-Generator.

I’ve discussed it with a few people in the past.

Basically it’s a concept of using rain gutters to create hydro power using magnetic turbines and cells designed to store electricity.

I’ll see if I get any where with this Google Contest

I urge others to think about submitting something for this project.  It would be cool if a local project was chosen.

“Google created this call for submissions to engage Google users and the global community in a discussion about how to change the world. Participants are invited to submit proposals about how best to improve our world in a variety of key areas. Users are asked to vote on their favorite proposal. The most popular ideas will be put before a panel of experts to be considered for implementation by Google.”

More Here

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  1. I remember some old guy talking about this years ago at the Pahoa Rec center.

    Damon – Really? I’m not that old…and I’ve been spinning this in my head for the last five years.
    Glad others are at least thinking of this concept.

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