Interesting TMT Comment By Big Island Farmer Richard Ha

I have the upmost respect for Big Island Farmer Richard Ha.  His farm has provided Big Island and Hawaii residents food for generations.

Recently he made a comment on Punaweb that tells me that he may be sitting on the fence about the whole TMT project.

…The People on the Kanaka council were very eloquent.  They made clear that if the total benefit to the community was the discover of stars etc. then it could just as easily be seen from Chile.  And they would be happy if the TMT just Went to Chile…

They were emphatic in their feeling that the benefits of the TMT must extend to future generations or it would be irrelevant. They said that they could not live with themselves if this was not the case.  I just sat their listening to them.

I realized that what they were saying is exactly what I believed in. If the benefits do not extend to future generations then it does not need to be located on Mauna Kea…

While I’m only highlighting what was said in this thread on Punaweb…(As he is in support of the TMT project… I just wanted to highlight this comment)

It does tell me that even some of the strongest supporters of the TMT project do have some reservations about it.

I’m still really up in the air about this project.  I do see some short term economic development with the project… but the long  term effects of it could be more damaging for the the island then positive.

This island is deprived of a lot of things…  I know that change is happening so I don’t want people to think I’m stuck in the old ways… and I certainly don’t want people to think I’m Hawaiian because of my beliefs personally as I’m not Hawaiian and I do see the cultural indifference’s first hand.

I commissioned an unofficial poll and I see that the majority of my readers are in favor of the TMT project… 83% to 13% so obviously I’m not seeing everything that the readers of my blog are.

I wish some of the readers would make comments here so I could understand why they are for or against the project.

Maui House Essay Contest Begins Today

I forgot to mention that the Maui House Essay contest begins today.

It looks like they added a picture of the front of the house:

I still can not verify much about this… so before you drop $100.00 on this buggah… let me investigate some more.

I’m sure one of the site owners is going to blast me and say this contest is legit…etc.

Just a reminder… I haven’t said it is not legit… I just question things about it.

Governor and Lt. Governor Proclaim Tomorrow “Nene Awareness Day”

…THEREFORE, I, LINDA LINGLE, Governor, and I, James R. “Duke” Aiona, Jr., Lieutenant Governor of the State of Hawai’i, do hereby proclaim September 26, 2008, as NĒNĒ AWARENESS DAY.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show Coming up at Big Island Locations… Pahoa Included

Shows are are October 16, and 17 at the Hilo Women’s Club, Saturday October 18 at Kiluea Military Camp Ohia Room, October 23 and 24 at the Hilo Women’s Club and Saturday October 25 in Pahoa at the Akebono Theatre. October 30 at Waimea at the Parker School Theatre. All show times are at 7:30 pm. A special midnight showing is still being arranged for October 31st and will be announced soon.

Tickets will be available at pre-sale prices at CD Wizard in Hilo. Show tickets are available at outlets until the day of the show. Ticket prices are $10 for HCP members, students and seniors (valid ID required) and $12 general. At the door ticket prices will be $12 for HCP members, students and seniors and $14 general.

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Today’s KO

He can fight…but he sure can’t dance:


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Free This Weekend

In celebration with National Public Lands Day the Park will have free admission this weekend.

It’s normally $10 a vehicle.

Here is more information on other National Public Lands Day Events in Hawaii.

Aloha Air Cargo Gets New Logo and is Adding New Services

Aloha Air Cargo is unveiling a new logo and adding a same-day express service and pet shipping service beginning Oct. 1 as part of a company rebranding…

Old Logo

Old Logo

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Screwdriver Doctor at Hilo Medical Center had Previous Suspensions in Oklahoma and Texas

I think many of us on the Big Island will remember the case recently where a doctor inserted a screwdriver into a patient instead of the Titanium Rod that was supposed to be in place.

I just found out some more information on this doctor:

Robert Ricketson was found responsible for medical problems that Arturo Iturralde suffered at the Hilo Medical Center in 1996. Following an operation on Iturralde in 2001, Ricketson discovered that he was missing titanium rods that were a part of Iturralde’s surgery. Here’s where it gets crazy:

Despite the fact that a nurse warned him several times, Ricketson decided to use the shaft of a medical screwdriver in place of the titanium rod. He did this in spite of the fact that a replacement titanium rod would have been available within 90 minutes. A week later, the screwdriver broke and Iturralde was rushed into another operation and then another after that. Iturralde would later die in 2003 from health complications brought on by the surgeries.

Amazingly enough, Ricketson did not even have malpractice insurance and had to serve as his own attorney at the trial. Things didn’t go well for him; he ended up owing almost $5 million in damages. Hilo Medical Center was also ordered to pay $770,000 in damages, although some people wanted to punish the hospital even more.

And get this: Ricketson was suspended from practicing medicine in both Oklahoma and Texas for alleged drug use before coming to Hawaii, however, the hospital decided to give him credentials anyway!

Dean of Hilo College of Pharmacy Pezzuto Authors “Health Benefit of Grapes”

Anytime UH Hilo gets a plug nationwide… I like to promote it.

…The study, which appears in the September issue of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, is authored by Dr. John Pezzuto, dean of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. The article focuses on scientific research on grape consumption and human health and was conducted over the last 10 years…

…study found rezveritrol effective in fighting cancer and found that the predominant dietary source of the compound is grapes, Howard said. Since then, the commission has funded more than two dozen research projects specific to table grapes, as opposed to grape compounds, he said….

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