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Why Racism Upsets Me

I have no problem calling a person a racist when I see it.

I’m a product of a bi-racial marriage and grew up in an “all white” society pretty much as the only “Nigger” (I can call myself that as that is what I was called at the time)  at my school.

I handled things the best as I could.   It wasn’t very socially acceptable at the time for my mother… a white lady to “marry” a black man.  My parents married and I was a product of a bi-racial marriage that wasn’t approved by many people in the “mainland”.

Here in Hawaii… people have been marrying different races for a much longer time then people on the mainland… thus you have such a beautiful diversification of cultures here in Hawaii.

Funny thing is… when I was growing up… “Niggers” were considered a “bad” thing in the town that I was being raised…. Easy enough for me to avoid that “Nigger” label…. was to say I was “Hawaiian” as that was where my mom was raised before giving birth to me from my dad whom she met in college after leaving Hawaii.

As MTV became a big thing and this “White Bread” town that I lived in became more acceptaple of popolo people… it was only then, that I told one of my good friends that I was actually Half Black.

Now I see pretty much the opposite things happening to “haoles” here in Hawaii.  They get dumped upon because of their race.  I do see it first hand… it’s hard not to.

I’m lucky that I “look” local… as my own wife herself has admitted to me back in the days when she was growing up…. that she had a distaste for “Haoles”.

Racism Sucks People…  Quit blaming other peoples advances because of skin color!

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