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Former Hawaii Reporter Frankie Stapleton Pulls the Race Card on ME!

I’m very disturbed by the fact that a former Hawaii Tribune Herald reporter has stated publicly that the only reason I was chosen to be on the H-130 Advisory task force because I’m “HAWAIIAN”.

This false accusation hurts from someone I respect here in the Puna district.

I realize that she may think that I’m “Hawaiian” because of my skin color… but to be put under the bus for something that had nothing do with race is fucking bullshit!

But you were chosen for that panel because you are Hawaiian, you are a family man, and you live in Puna and drive Hwy 130 every day. Those are 4 IMPORTANT demographics satisfied in one person that you rightly point out they think they can satisfy with a plate lunch and pen…”

Racism sucks… and as we see… it’s still prevalent.  Haole folks are still blaming Hawaiians…and Hawaiians are still blaming Haoles…  While I get stuck in the middle of both sides.

Get over it people and start voting.  If you “haole” folks are pissed off that Hawaiian’s have been dominating the votes in the last few years… quit complaining and get more “haole” folks voting.

But don’t sit here and continue to blame the state for favoring “Hawaiians” on things as Ms. Stapelton has accused me of only getting on the H-130 panel because I’m “Hawaiian”.

Effing pissed off… will clean up typos and grammar in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discrediting me for something that isn’t even true is weak Frankie…. think of another reason besides RACE!

Hugs Frankie… yes… your post pissed me off… I know you’re a good person… just think twice before accusing people of getting in positions that they are because of RACE!

I’m just as Haole as most others that have moved here!

2 Responses

  1. I don’t think it is that much a big deal. See it as a compliment. Then the grudge will go away.

  2. Okay Damon, I think you are being too sensitive, when you put in in the context with the rest of the statement she made. So you are taken for being Hawaiian, (my husband is local, he looks haole, we still get unfriendly comments!) maybe, that is the reason you are on the board, does it matter, it benefits all of us. Since you have moved here with your family, you have become part of the community, and because of your concerns have become actively involved. Which is good for us, who are less vocal about matters. Labels over here are not going away, the thing is not to make issues over it, sometimes careless statements are made, that’s life!

    Damon – When I applied for this position, it didn’t ask about race, ethnicity or anything else. I don’t know anyone with HDOT, and with my last name being TUCKER… how could anyone assume that I was Hawaiian when I applied. I’m appalled that people would think that I got onto this board because of race instead of what was actually on the application I filled out

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