Advertiser Following Up on Hawaii Naval Commander Busted for Child Porn

The other day, I blogged about the Hawaii Naval Commander that was busted for child porn.

I guess the Honolulu Advertiser finally clued in and was able to expand a bit here.

Larry Geller from Disappeared News writes more in a series of Newspaper meltdowns here.

When simple citizens like me can report little blips of news just like a major news organization with no financial backing… (well a few bucks from mom now and then) you know the Newspapers are having a “Meltdown”

The Hazards of Blue Water Farming

Earlier today I blogged about the new Fish Farm going up in Kona.

Cartoonist Greg Henkel sent me this cartoon he had previously drawn regarding fish farms in Hawaii.

I gotta kick out of it!

Changing Kilauea

Bigislandvideonews has some more great footage!

Part one is an introduction. Other parts will include updates on Pu`u `O`o, the east rift zone, Royal Gardens, the ocean entry, and the summit eruption.

Part two focuses on the ongoing east rift zone activity, particularly the fissures that erupted downrift of Pu`u `O`o on July 21, 2007, up to the November 21st “Thanksgiving Eve Breakout” lava flow.

McCain Camp Proposing to Cancel VP Debates if There’s No Financial Bailout…Obama Objects

I just noticed this on  CNN Political Ticker:

McCain supporter Sen. Lindsey Graham tells CNN the McCain campaign is proposing to the Presidential Debate Commission and the Obama camp that if there’s no bailout deal by Friday, the first presidential debate should take the place of the VP debate, currently scheduled for next Thursday, October 2 in St. Louis…

More Here

Well no sooner then I read that article… I read that Obama has rejected this plea by McCain.

“The economic crisis and raw politics threatened to derail the first presidential debate as John McCainBarack Obama to delay Friday’s event to work on the financial crisis. Obama rebuffed the plea, saying presidents need to “deal with more than one thing at once.

Hawaii Researchers Testing Music and Health Link

…The experiment in Hawaii, a world first, was testing whether music has an effect on health, pain and vital signs, such as blood pressure and heart and breathing rates, as well as levels of hormones and antibodies…

…Back at the University of Hawaii, patients undergoing ophthalmic surgery were brought in prior to being sedated, and the surgeon, a classically trained pianist, reeled off a medley of tunes, each played in a slow to medium tempo. Blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate were all much better in the music group patients compared to a control group

More Here

“Bra Boy” Abberton Reaches Plea Deal

I previously blogged about Koby Abberton here and here.  Well I guess he was able to reach a plea deal with the prosecutors.

Sydney-based Abberton was scheduled to appear in Hawaii’s Kaneohe District Court tomorrow, but his lawyer and prosecutors came to an agreement today.

The details of the deal will remain confidential until November 20, when Abberton is due to appear before judge Ray Graulty and confirm he has agreed to a deal…

More Here

New Fish Farming Operation: Hawaii Oceanic Technologies on Kona Side

…Hawaii Oceanic Technologies, has a plan to build humungous pens to grow ahi tuna. The cages would be behemoths: 82,500 cubic meters–half the size of a football field across–big enough to hold 1,000 tons of 100-pound ahi. These pens would bob 60 feet below the surface, kept in place with motors powered by heat exchangers that use the temperature difference between deep water and shallow water to generate electricity…

More Here

Here is an interview with Bill Spencer of Hawaii Oceanic Technologies


St. Louis Stays at 68th… Punahou Moves Up Two Spots to 94th in HS Football

Punahou moved up two spots from the last time I blogged about the national High School Football Rankings.

St. Louis has held on to 68th according to the Rivals Top 100

Another SMS Pollster Just Called Me AGAIN… RE: State of Hawaii and Big Island Mayoral Race

I got another call from SMS Research out of Honolulu.  I don’t know how many other people are getting them… but I find it weird that I keep getting them.

Some of the questions asked.

In general is Hawaii better off or worst off then 5 years ago?

In 5 years, do you think Hawaii will be better off or worst off?

Please Answer the Following about the following people.

Are you in Favor of Obama, McCain, Pilago, Kenoi (each one at a time)  Very favorable or not very favorable

Then again they asked my Age, Union Affiliation

Whether I supported the Con Con… and at what Costs I think the Con Con should happen… etc.

How often a Con Con…etc…

I don’t mind taking the 5 minutes to answer these phone calls as I know public opinion often gets swayed by opinion polls.

I do find it funny that they would call me again after they called me earlier I guess they wanted to see if my opinions changed.

I mentioned the results of the Poll a few days later here.

I do have to wonder about the methodology of this polling system.

Today’s KO


Outrigger Hotels Opening New Hotel in Bali

I would love to move to Bali!

the $70 million, four-hectare Outrigger Panorama Bali Resort & SpaThis resort development was launched in June 2007 and groundbreaking took place in July this year. It is scheduled to be completed by the first quarter of 2010 and will be managed by US-based hotel and resort operator Outrigger Enterprises….

More Here

More on the details of the project Here

Ironman Favorite to Win Pulls Out of Race

One of the favorites to win the Ford Ironman World Championship on October 11, Canada’s Samantha McGlone, who was last year’s runner-up in Kona, announced Wednesday that she will not start the race due to an Achilles tendon injury…

More Here

Interesting Results Coming in on the Polls

I turned on the option so that I could see how many people had casts votes in my “Unofficial Polls”

The House and Senate Race is a close one w/ Pilago Dominating the Mayoral Poll.

Could Lava Overtake Pahoa?

Well in 1961 it nearly did:

1961: A small new lava fountain breaks in the ridge above Pahoa

Why Racism Upsets Me

I have no problem calling a person a racist when I see it.

I’m a product of a bi-racial marriage and grew up in an “all white” society pretty much as the only “Nigger” (I can call myself that as that is what I was called at the time)  at my school.

I handled things the best as I could.   It wasn’t very socially acceptable at the time for my mother… a white lady to “marry” a black man.  My parents married and I was a product of a bi-racial marriage that wasn’t approved by many people in the “mainland”.

Here in Hawaii… people have been marrying different races for a much longer time then people on the mainland… thus you have such a beautiful diversification of cultures here in Hawaii.

Funny thing is… when I was growing up… “Niggers” were considered a “bad” thing in the town that I was being raised…. Easy enough for me to avoid that “Nigger” label…. was to say I was “Hawaiian” as that was where my mom was raised before giving birth to me from my dad whom she met in college after leaving Hawaii.

As MTV became a big thing and this “White Bread” town that I lived in became more acceptaple of popolo people… it was only then, that I told one of my good friends that I was actually Half Black.

Now I see pretty much the opposite things happening to “haoles” here in Hawaii.  They get dumped upon because of their race.  I do see it first hand… it’s hard not to.

I’m lucky that I “look” local… as my own wife herself has admitted to me back in the days when she was growing up…. that she had a distaste for “Haoles”.

Racism Sucks People…  Quit blaming other peoples advances because of skin color!

Former Hawaii Reporter Frankie Stapleton Pulls the Race Card on ME!

I’m very disturbed by the fact that a former Hawaii Tribune Herald reporter has stated publicly that the only reason I was chosen to be on the H-130 Advisory task force because I’m “HAWAIIAN”.

This false accusation hurts from someone I respect here in the Puna district.

I realize that she may think that I’m “Hawaiian” because of my skin color… but to be put under the bus for something that had nothing do with race is fucking bullshit!

But you were chosen for that panel because you are Hawaiian, you are a family man, and you live in Puna and drive Hwy 130 every day. Those are 4 IMPORTANT demographics satisfied in one person that you rightly point out they think they can satisfy with a plate lunch and pen…”

Racism sucks… and as we see… it’s still prevalent.  Haole folks are still blaming Hawaiians…and Hawaiians are still blaming Haoles…  While I get stuck in the middle of both sides.

Get over it people and start voting.  If you “haole” folks are pissed off that Hawaiian’s have been dominating the votes in the last few years… quit complaining and get more “haole” folks voting.

But don’t sit here and continue to blame the state for favoring “Hawaiians” on things as Ms. Stapelton has accused me of only getting on the H-130 panel because I’m “Hawaiian”.

Effing pissed off… will clean up typos and grammar in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discrediting me for something that isn’t even true is weak Frankie…. think of another reason besides RACE!

Hugs Frankie… yes… your post pissed me off… I know you’re a good person… just think twice before accusing people of getting in positions that they are because of RACE!

I’m just as Haole as most others that have moved here!