Hawaii 130 Project

We had another meeting tonight.

Interesting meeting.

At one point in the meeting… I mentioned that I hope there is not frivolous spending… as I was holding my ball point pen that had the name of the project on it.

This project is not even considering alternate routes at this point.  That is part of the PMAR.

Of note something that will be happening soon. The Shoulder lane that is used in the mornings from 6-8 AM are going to be opened up for 24 hour usage.

There are some Quick Fixes that are currently being looked at:

1. Speed Limits
2. Striping
3. Left-Turn Acceleration Pockets
4. Bus Stops
5. Traffic Signal at Kea’au Pahoa Road/Kapoho Road…(signal complaints on timing)
6. Signing/Striping Improvement oat Kahakai Blvd.
7. Traffic Congestion at Keaa’au Bypass Road Junction
8. Pedestrian Cross Walks
9. Flashing Warning Light at Route 130/Old Pahoa Road Intersection.

If you want further details on any of these… I can expand a bit.

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