Complete List of the 25 H-130 Advisory Group Members


Larry Brown – Project Manager for PRCP and PCDP

Tom Brown – Mass Transit Agency

Faye Hanohano – 4th Representative District

Emily Naeole – Council Member, District 5

Roy Takemoto – Executive Assitant

Bill Davis – DHHL

Fred Blas – Candidate 4th District House Seat

Susan Cordel – Paradise Park Resident

Dan Domizio – Puna Community Medical Center

Neil Erickson – Architect, Planner, Community Service Member, and Cyclist

Oliver English – Board Member of W.H. Shipman, Limited

Lorraine Godoy – Program Manager for Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council

Elizabeth Salfen – PMAR Working Committee & PCDP Community Liaison and Weed and Seed

Paula Kekahuna – Mauku’u Farmer’s Market Association

Frank Lawrence – C&F Trucking and President of the Hawaii Transportation Association (HTA)

Manny Mattos – Resident & Retired Police Officer

Jon Olson – Puna Traffic Safety Committee & PCDP Chairman & Sierra Club Big Island Chapter, Moku Loa Group

Wesley Owens – VP of Orchidland Assoication and Cyclist

Jennifer Perry – Resident and AGriculture Community Representative

Damon Tucker – Blogger, Parent and Concerned Citizen

Dina Lau – HDOT

Nelson Sagum – HDOT

Malcom Saxby – Not present at first meeting

Kehaulani Costa – Not present at first meeting

Mark Kunzer – Not Present at first meeting

Hunter Bishop, Mayors Office (Added in middle of project)

Keaau-Pahoa Road Quick-Fix Committee:

Robart Taira, HWY-HE

Francis Perez, HWY-HE

Dina Lau, HWY-PA

Robert Sun, HWY-DD

Karl Kunishige, HWY-TD

One Response

  1. Do you support roundabouts, Damon?

    How do you recommend those of us who support them get this committee turned around?

    Damon – As of right now, I’m pretty neutral on them (should I be a politician or what).

    The reality of the matter, and I truly believe this, is that the state is using us KPAG members as Pawns to basically get what they want pushed through in the long run.

    I truly feel I have very little say in the matter, as certain members of this KPAG organization to seem to “dominate” if you will. I’m trying my best to observe and get a feel of what the general community wants. Not just those that contact me or write on message boards… but those that have never heard of them before.

    From some of the diagrams that have been presented… I have to say some of the diagrams I definitely would not approve, while others, I would say are a great design.

    Educating our drivers is the key to all of this. The population growth charts that they presented to us as a KPAG group, show that Puna will be expanding with leaps and bounds. I don’t think there is any argument amongst us about that.

    Do we continue to commute to Hilo? Do we bring business and services to Puna? Do we mandate that each family is only allowed one child? :oops:

    I’d like to hear more from community members. I’ve heard directly from folks that are very passionate about them, and I’ve also heard directly from people that are very against them.

    I truly don’t think my voice will be heard… I think the State will do what they want… Regardless of what the “Punatics” want.

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