Angel Moves On!

I’m elated that Angel Pilago is moving on.

I hope Inouye voters will realize that Pilago is the best candidate for Big Island Mayor.

I’m also convinced that with Obama being in the general election, there will be a much larger turn-out.

I hope the Akamai Obama voters will also vote for Pilago.

The Polls Are Now Closed

I’d like to thank everyone who voted on my unofficial polls.

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More Fights in the Schools… Todays KO’s

It’s all fun and games until you get knocked out… I don’t know how these keep getting released… Well I know how, but I wonder why so many fights happen in Hawaii’s Schools.


UH Study: Smelling Stinkhorn Mushrooms Makes Women Orgasm?

I’ll put this in the strange and weird files:

From this report from Peter Ross:

…It was once sold in Europe as an aphrodisiac, Beatrix Potter said she “could not find courage to draw it”, and Charles Darwin’s daughter is reported to have roamed the grounds of her home, picking and burning Stinkhorns so the maids would not have their morals compromised by the sight. In Hawaii, a scientific study found the smell of Stinkhorn caused spontaneous female orgasm

Maybe it’s the way the mushroom grows that makes women aroused?

[youtube=]According to the Mushroom Experts:

Stinkhorns are amazing mushrooms, notorious for popping up suddenly and unexpectedly in urban settings. They are very diverse in appearance, but all of them share at least two features:

  • Some part of the fruiting body, at some stage in development, is covered with a foul-smelling slime.
  • The fruiting body arises from an “egg,” traces of which may disappear by maturity.Beyond these shared features, however, just about anything goes, and stinkhorns range from looking rather like Morels to appearing like, um, a portion of canine anatomy, or odd marine creatures with tentacles, or crab claws, Wiffle balls, Chinese lanterns, and so on.
  • I tried to find more on this “Hawaii Study” and I found this: An article in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms describes a strange and wonderful practice in Hawaii: women gather together to search for a particular mushroom. When they find it, they sniff it. The scent of this mushroom causes sexual arousal, often to the point of orgasm.
  • Noons Chickens Out… Gets Stripped

    K.J. Noons of the Big Island was stripped of his EliteXC world lightweight championship last night…

    …”We are stripping K.J. of his championship belt for refusing to defend against Diaz,” Lappen said. “It’s a very unfortunate situation but we cannot have belt-holders who refuse to fight the top contenders. We want champions who will fight anyone, anytime, anyplace. That’s the mentality all champions should have…”

    If you missed the altercation between Noons and Diaz at the Blaisdell you can see it here.  The actions starts at about 2:40 mark:


    Noons Father speaks about what happened:


    And this is their first fight that was for the title:


    Nate Dogg on Life Support, Regulators Praying

    …West Coast rapper Nate Dogg was hospitalized nearly two weeks ago after suffering a stroke, his second in less than a year.

    But contrary to Internet news stories that offered an upbeat prognosis, a family member tells E! News that as of Wednesday the 39-year-old hip-hopster was on life support in a Los Angeles-area hospital with a feeding tube in his mouth…


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    Giraffes Avoid Bruises

    I’m happy my “Giraffes” played well against a team of “Bruisers”.

    I wasn’t keeping score, but the other team was and they congratulated us for winning the game.

    Most importantly to me… is my little giraffe actually stayed on the field the whole game w/out wanting to come out!

    Australian Reps Warn Kona Ironman About “Andrew Wyper”

    AUSTRALIAN anti-doping authorities have taken steps to ensure banned NSW cyclist Andrew Wyper does not breach his two-year suspension and compete in this year’s Hawaii Ironman triathlon…

    …ASADA yesterday said it had notified the Hawaiian organisers of the 3.8-kilometre swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km run Ironman to be held on October 11 that Wyper is banned until February 7, 2010, for a doping violation in 2005…

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