“Bra Boy” Abberton Seaking Plead: I’ll Pick Up Garbage In Hawaii

Yesterday I blogged about “Bra Boy” Abbertons pending Honolulu court appearance.

Well it looks like he may get his plea agreement after all.

BAD boy surf gang leader Koby Abberton could avoid US jail time for assaulting a policeman and be punished instead by picking up rubbish in a Hawaiian park…

…The push to settle came after Abberton declared his innocence and claimed he was the victim of mistaken identity…

…The Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney’s Department dismissed the claim Abberton had been incorrectly identified as the man who assaulted off-duty harbour police officer Richard Puu, who stepped in to break up a fight.

The department’s Jim Fulton said yesterday a plea deal had not yet been reached.

“There are still discussions but there’s no final plea agreement in place yet…”

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