Zipper Lanes on H-130…Not! Contraflows… She Goes! Roundabouts… With a Doubt?

Oahu has a “Zipper” lane that contra flows traffic into town in the morning.  In 2010 Oahu will begin zipping people out of town.  What this does is provides an extra lane w/out taking up much more land.

A Zipper lane would never work on H-130 simply because people need to make left turns and the Zipper doesn’t allow for openings.

However, a contraflow could be easily set up with minimal amount of money on H-130 and could be done for both the Mornings and Evenings.

That is what is being done along Kapiolani Blvd. on Oahu with simple cones and a work crew of three people (one person driving two people setting up cones or picking them up)

I’m still trying to get someone to convince me that Roundabouts are a good solution for H-130.

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  1. I can’t speak to H-130, but Bend Oregon has used roundabouts and traffic flows very well.

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