Missile Defense Test Fails Off of Kauai!

I have to wonder how much this blooper has cost us taxpayers?

The U.S. military aborted an attempt to shoot down an incoming missile with two interceptors Wednesday after the target malfunctioned shortly after launch off Kauai.

It was the first breakdown after five successful tests of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD. Four of the successful test had been conducted with launches from the Pacific Missile Range at Barking Sands and one from White Sands, N.M….

…It was the second time a target missile had failed, resulting in a scrapping of the interceptor launch, leaving the test missiles available for future tests. The first failure was early on in the tests, which began at White Sands in 2005.

“THAAD has never had an unsuccessful attempt at an intercept,” said agency spokeswoman Pamela Rogers. She said the agency will investigate the cause of the malfunction…

More on this here.

I blogged about a successful launch earlier and included a pretty cool video here.

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