Kamakoa Project… Weird Vibes

I get the feeling that this is a project to suck workers in with a promise of affordable housing and work.

Sounds eerily reminiscent of the early plantation days… just at year 2010 Expenses.

Kamakoa Housing Relying Upon Fannie Mae?

Craig Dougall from the New Kamakoa Housing Development made a comment recently on my post, Kamakoa: Affordable Housing Based Upon Priority Categories?

At the end of his comments he states:

“…But, at the end of the day although their are priority categories, everyone is eligible, regardless of employment or income…”

I find it interesting that according to Kamakoa’s own mission statement:

…Using current data compiled about the median incomes of our Hawaii workforce, Waikoloa Workforce Housing, LLC, in partnership with Hawaii County, local lenders and Fannie Mae, has created an affordability formula that will now make home ownership a tangible reality for our local workers…

Geez… Isn’t Fannie Mae in a bit of troubles these days, and they are still going through with this project anyhow?

Mahalo Lorraine Inouye

This may sound strange to a few of my blog readers as they do know I’m a staunch supporter of Angel Pilago.

I would like to personally thank Lorraine Inouye, for sending my mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers that overflowed one of her tables at her house as she recovers from her recent Pace-Maker inplant.  She does wish that she could be more supportive to your campaign right now.

Mahalo Lorraine,

Damon Tucker

No Politicking here… thank you also for assisting my mom up in Oahu also when she was in need.

Big Island Board of Education Forum Now Online

Big Island Video News has once again provided excellent coverage of a meeting that we can all learn about our candidates from:

If you care about Education, you should care about who sits on the board.

I recommend anyone who is undecided about their vote on this race to view David’s latest video.

More Here.

RIP Richard Wright… “Hey Teacher… Leave Them Kids Alone”

Richard Wright, a founding member of the legendary rock band Pink Floyd, has died at age 65.

I lived by this song growing up:


Today’s KO… Well Sort Of

Ever since I moved from the Mainland I have been searching for a Dentist that uses Gas to help with people like me that have Dentistphobia.

Well, I’ve found one and today I had my teeth worked on with my “laughing gas” as I like to call it.

For some reason…the effect wasn’t the same as it was nearly 18 years ago…. and it didn’t make me laugh at all.  I nearly passed out from the gas and I felt like fainting even more when they showed me the bill and told me the Gas wasn’t part of my insurance.  $75.00 later plus tax out of pocket… I think I’m gonna try and rough it out next time.

Thank God I have a mother that understands the importance of having healthy teeth and she is helping me out with the part’s that aren’t covered by insurance.

I see so many people here in Hawaii with really messed up teeth and I know that these people probably wish that their teeth were in better shape…however, they just can’t afford it.

Heck… Even a dude from Puna was recently killed in Thailand because he traveled there to have dental work done.

Nearly 10 hours later… my mouth is still soar I have barely eaten anything today!

I need a damn McDonalds Milkshake…but the closest McD’s is nearly 20 minutes away:(

Introducing the Miss Hawaii USA and Miss Hawaii Teen Contestants 2009: The Video

I had over 400 hits on the video I posted on Hawaii’s Most Beautiful Man Contest… So I better at least balance this with a video introducing the 2009 Miss Hawaii USA and Miss Teen Contestants from the recent 2 Couture Fashion show:


Hawaiian Hoary Bat Ranked 8th Ugliest Creature by Live Science Viewers

The Hawaiian Hoary Bat isn’t that ugly is it?

In fact… I think it’s kind of cute.

Well not according to Live Science Readers.

At least it rated cuter then the Monkfish:

I Dig Fireworks! Especially the Billion Dollar Type

From the Pacific Missile Range Facilitiy in Hawaii:


AIG Insurance… Hanging on by Strings

With today’s market collapse, I just noticed that AIG Insurance is barely hanging in there.

AIG insures a lot of people here in Hawaii.

Royal Dutch Shell Coming to Big Island…Does Anyone Check on Fraud Reports?

On the beautiful Kona Coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, Europe’s biggest oil company is building six acres of ponds to be filled with green goo.

Royal Dutch Shell is betting that in the next decade it will be selling commercially significant volumes of oil squeezed out of algae….

Does anyone realize that this Royal Dutch Shell agreed in principle to pay £17 million to settle the UK Financial Services Authority’s charge of market abuse, and $120 million (£65.8 million) to settle wider charges by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, including breaking anti-fraud and reporting rules.

…Most immediately, it faces a criminal probe by the US Department of Justice, an investigation by Dutch regulators and class-action lawsuits from shareholders, over the alleged inaccurate booking of 20% per cent of its oil and gas reserves….

More Here.

Only One Mayoral Candidate Supports the TMT Project: Inouye

According to the PBN on Friday, only Lorraine Inouye supports the TMT project as it stands today:

“…Only one of the mayoral candidates, Lorraine Inouye, is voicing support for the telescope…”

Is Today Black Monday II

In financial markets, Black Monday is the name given to Monday, October 19, 1987, when stock markets around the world crashed, shedding a  huge value in a very short period.

Today’s meltdown, is the worst point drop since the Terrorist hit in 2001.

…Investors reacted badly to a shakeup of the financial industry that took out two storied names: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Merrill Lynch & Co…

I don’t play the stock market, however, I have ohana that owns stock and I often worry when I hear about things like today.

Taxi Victim Ryan Foth… “Go Screw Yourself Tucker”

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a taxi cab driver that ran over Ryan Foth.

Mr. Foth Sent me the following email and I guess he’s not to happy about the way I wrote about my view of things:

Dear Readers
I am the victim of this incident and it really does’nt bother me what any one says about this incident
I love japanesse girls and I’ve always been that way ,GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT

the moral of the story was the guy who hit me was a bad guy already
this man deserves what he got … and a law suite is what anyone in my situation would do its not your choice to say such things as the above writer did as a matter of fact- i’d like to sue that person for SLANDER … go get hit by a car and tell me different.
Judge not and you won’t be judged….

Ryan Foth

My comments to Mr. Foth, If you think what I wrote was slanderous… try and sue me buddy! I don’t have any problem with you loving Japanese girls, in fact, my wife is half Japanese.  Your statement just reinforces my previous post about how “Sue” happy you may be.