Mayor Kim in Stable Condition

…A Queen’s spokesman said the 69-year-old was in stable condition and will be in the intensive care unit for several days…

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Todays Reporting of the SMS Big Island Mayoral Poll

I reported here last week that I was one of the people they called on this latest Big Island Mayoral Poll.

Today’s tribune has the the results of this poll.

And just as I asked on my previous blog about where they were going with the Union Activity… they answered it here:

“People not belonging to a labor union provided 77 percent of the poll answers”

You see the thing is with these people that are calling and giving these polls, the majority of the time people don’t care to talk to them… thus the only people that respond to these phone polls are people that have an interest in the poll.

I find the polling device used by SMS pretty flawed… and I can only say this, because I was recently questioned by them.  (They had no way to verify if I was even the resident of the house or just some joe-blow picking up a random phone call at this house… as I’m not listed on the phone number they called)

Honolulu Rail… Think About This

Morning commuter rush in Tokyo in 1991. Pre-Flextime, everyone *needed* to get to work by 9:00 a.m. sharp. Now, in 2008, it’s a little less crowded.


Today’s KO(s)

Killing two birds with one stone…I’m not sure which one is funnier:


“Project Better Place” Representative Talks of Electronic Car Distribution in Hawaii

I mentioned first about Project Better Place here and questioned the motivation behind the company here.

I emailed a company representative the following question:

I’m very interested in these vehicles as I currently am an advisor for one of the State Hawaii Projects here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

How are recipients going to be chosen for these cars?

The response I just received was:

We will work through a similar segmentation as we do in Israel with early cars. The first trial (roughly 250-500 cars) will go to 10 or so segments, including government, taxis, military, and various consumer groups.

I want one of these buggahs!

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East-West Rift?


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