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Tiffany Edwards on Skatepark… “children are not suppose to be using the area.”

I just noticed that on the front page of the Puna News, Vol. 8, No. 2,  that Emily Naeole’s Legislative Aide Tiffany Edwards has a small article on the skate park in Pahoa.

“As can be seen by these photos, the Pahoa Skate Park is not finished, yet children are already skating there and the possibility of serious injuries in (is) high.

Parents are reminded that until the park is officially opened your children are not suppose to be using the area. If a child is hurt there is no adult supervision to get aide.  While the County realizes the urge to use the facility, parents must be aware of the potential risks involved at this time and again requests that parents keep their children away from the park.”

Three questions:

1. If the county does know that kids shouldn’t be using the facility and there is a risk of injury… couldn’t the county be held liable if a serious injury does happen?

2. When will the park be ready and officially open?

3. Why the need for county funded security guards?  She (Naeole) recently mentioned that she is putting funds towards getting a security detail there.

One Response

  1. Good questions, Damon.
    I ask them myself.
    I am really amazed that the skate park does not remain closed until it is completed.

    Damon – I’m broke… I think I’m gonna go over there and “broke” a body part. I know who to go after now. ;)

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