The Mystery Behind this Weeks Big Island Weekly

Someone named “Jeff Clarks” posted a message on Punaweb that read:

Hello all,
I work for **** ***** today newspaper, and got word this AM that Big Island Weekly needs to remove their vending machines from most locations throughout our the island

Dr. James Weatherford reports on Punaweb:

Today, right now, I am sitting at the Zero Waste Conference in Kona.
This morning, I rode here with Kristine Kubat. As her daughter drove us over Saddle Road around 8am, Kristine was on her Blackberry getting the reports about the boxes.

Former reporter Frankie Stapleton weighs in:

I would like to know SPECIFICALLY from Mr. Clarks or Ms. Kubat the peoples’ names calling for removal of their vending machines. To be frank, it sounds more like a ploy by BIW’s own OWNERS to stifle her reporting, which is so counter to the Stephens/DonRey Media history!

And another former reporter Dave Smith writes:

There’s also the possibility it’s a ploy to grab attention either by Kubat, Pilago or both.

I just want to get to the bottom of this!  What is going on?  Someone has to know?  Are we all being miffed?

I believe it all stems from this article supporting Pilago.

Anyone want to weigh in w/ some details on what really is going on?

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