Giraffes Slaughtered… Dragons to Blame

Well in the second game of the season, my Giraffes got slaughtered by a much better team of kids called the dragons.

I don’t know what the final score was… nor is it important… I’m just glad the kids are having fun at this age.

I was a bit disgruntled that my own baby giraffe was not wanting to play much in the second half… but it’s ok… hard to control kids at that age.

Plus the game was at noon today and the sun was just bearing down on the poor animals.

Kamakoa: Affordable Housing Based Upon Priority Categories?

I don’t know much about this project.

However, a comment left my on my blog here mentioned something about the Kamakoa Housing Project going up in Waikoloa.

Something that struck me as kind of weird… is that they have “Priority Categories” for prospective tenants.

The categories of persons eligible to purchase in Kamakoa at Waikoloa and the order of priority in being chosen to do so are:

  • Category 1: Employees working in hotels, resorts and shops in the Waikoloa Beach Resort and Waikoloa Village areas, with household incomes equal to or less than 140% of the median income of residents of the County of Hawaii;
  • Category 2: Employees working in hotels, resorts and shops in the Waikoloa Beach Resort and Waikoloa Village areas, with household incomes greater than 140% of the median income of residents of the County of Hawaii;
  • Category 3: Employees either working in hotels and resorts in the Kohala Coast resort area (within a resort node, as designated on the County General Plan, in the region from the Kona International Airport to Kawaihae Harbor) or working within the Public Sector (those currently working for the federal, state, or county government in Hawaii County) with household incomes equal to or less than 140% of the median income of residents of the County of Hawaii;
  • Category 4: Employees working within the Kohala Coast resort area or the public sector, as defined above, with household incomes greater 140% of the median income of residents of the County of Hawaii;
  • Category 5: Hawaii County residents with household incomes equal to or less than 140% of the median income of residents of the County of Hawaii;
  • Category 6: Hawaii County residents with household incomes greater than 140% of the median income of residents of the County of Hawaii; and
  • Category 7: Members of the general public.

I wonder about this, as there are many people that need affordable housing that don’t fit in a few of these categories… well except for the bottom one.

Building housing that is directly for the hotel workers and then calling it affordable housing is very weird to me.

Today’s KO

I Love Football!


Is “Project Better Place” Just in it For the Money?

I wrote about “Project Better Place” coming to Hawaii the other day.

I just read this comment out of Israel that has me wondering about the project:

Better Place’s share in the project still remains unclear but there can be no doubting that the model’s implementation will be followed worldwide. The Department of Energy, the project’s main partner, has a tremendous influence on the US energy economy and the way it is regulated, as well as control over funding for research and development that can turn under-funded ideas into a business reality worth billions.

One clue to the business potential is the attempt to introduce alternative energy sources and a green, sustainable environment in the large US military forces permanently stationed in the Hawaiian islands. Will we see US soldiers driving around in battery-powered staff cars?

Video of Navy Ship Being Torpedoed During Rimpac This Summer

What the Navy doesn’t always release:

An Australian submarine tested a new heavyweight torpedo during a joint naval exercise with the United States.

The MK 48 Mod 7 Common Broadband Sonar System torpedo was fired from HMAS Waller during the Rim of Pacific 2008 naval exercise off the coast of Hawaii between June and July, the Australian Defence Force said in its statement.

The new torpedo is more effective in shallow water thanks to sonar enhancements.

Video of the test showed the torpedo hitting a retired U.S. ship, causing dramatic explosions followed by the sinking of the vessel.


The Mystery Behind this Weeks Big Island Weekly

Someone named “Jeff Clarks” posted a message on Punaweb that read:

Hello all,
I work for **** ***** today newspaper, and got word this AM that Big Island Weekly needs to remove their vending machines from most locations throughout our the island

Dr. James Weatherford reports on Punaweb:

Today, right now, I am sitting at the Zero Waste Conference in Kona.
This morning, I rode here with Kristine Kubat. As her daughter drove us over Saddle Road around 8am, Kristine was on her Blackberry getting the reports about the boxes.

Former reporter Frankie Stapleton weighs in:

I would like to know SPECIFICALLY from Mr. Clarks or Ms. Kubat the peoples’ names calling for removal of their vending machines. To be frank, it sounds more like a ploy by BIW’s own OWNERS to stifle her reporting, which is so counter to the Stephens/DonRey Media history!

And another former reporter Dave Smith writes:

There’s also the possibility it’s a ploy to grab attention either by Kubat, Pilago or both.

I just want to get to the bottom of this!  What is going on?  Someone has to know?  Are we all being miffed?

I believe it all stems from this article supporting Pilago.

Anyone want to weigh in w/ some details on what really is going on?

Superferry to get Direct Access to Striker Brigade w/ New 27 Mile Road From PTA

I’ve made it apparent long before I had a blog, that I believe this second Superferry is being brought over here primarily for Military transport, with a belief that it will be used more so for people.

Now it looks like the Stryker Brigade is going to have direct access to it with a 27 mile, military only, road from PTA up on Mauna Kea down to Kawaihae harbor.

Today’s Hawaii Tribune doesn’t really address the Superferry as a reason for this new 27 mile road… but why else would it be built directly to the Harbor?

…The Army is planning more than $100 million in upgrades to PTA, including a battle complex area, a heavy-caliber live-fire training range and a new 27-mile trail from Kawaihae Harbor to the training area. But those projects are geared to use by the 5th Stryker Brigade…

Tiffany Edwards on Skatepark… “children are not suppose to be using the area.”

I just noticed that on the front page of the Puna News, Vol. 8, No. 2,  that Emily Naeole’s Legislative Aide Tiffany Edwards has a small article on the skate park in Pahoa.

“As can be seen by these photos, the Pahoa Skate Park is not finished, yet children are already skating there and the possibility of serious injuries in (is) high.

Parents are reminded that until the park is officially opened your children are not suppose to be using the area. If a child is hurt there is no adult supervision to get aide.  While the County realizes the urge to use the facility, parents must be aware of the potential risks involved at this time and again requests that parents keep their children away from the park.”

Three questions:

1. If the county does know that kids shouldn’t be using the facility and there is a risk of injury… couldn’t the county be held liable if a serious injury does happen?

2. When will the park be ready and officially open?

3. Why the need for county funded security guards?  She (Naeole) recently mentioned that she is putting funds towards getting a security detail there.

eWaste Disposal Days

University of Hawai’i is offering free electronic waste recycling during “Education & Government eWaste Disposal Days 2008” October 20 until October 25. The program is open to Hawai’i residents, all public and private schools and universities, all City, County, State or Federal/Military branches in Hawai’i, small to medium sized businesses and non-profits. Drop off locations are on UH campuses on The Big Island, Kaua’i, Maui or O’ahu, plus Kealakehe High School in Kailua-Kona.

Pre-registration through the event webpage is required for the above mentioned Institutions; you are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate administrative paperwork for disposal of any items has been completed through your institution’s inventory process. The institutional drop offs will be held from October 20 until October 24; dates and times vary per campus so please visit the webpage

Hawai’i residents are invited to drop off their personal eWaste on October 25 from 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. Visit for more information including drop off sites, hours of operation and a list of acceptable electronics items.

All equipment collected will be processed in North America in an environmentally responsible way and recycled into commodity grade materials such as metals, plastics and glass. Recycling and disposal services are provided courtesy of Apple.

RIP Shark Fisherman Frank Mundus: JAWS

Frank Mundus, the legendary Montauk shark fisherman on whom the crusty Captain Quint character from the movie “Jaws” was said to be based, died in Honolulu after returning there a week ago from a shark fishing trip off Long Island, his wife said Saturday. He was 82…

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