Forgetting My Comments… Replies Made

I’ve replied to a bunch of comments that have been made on my blog.  I appreciate all the comments and often times approve them without commenting specifically on them.

I just went back and replied to a bunch of comments.  If you made a comment on my blog… you might want to check back to that post to see my comments I left on your comment.

I’ll try better to reply to my comments more and I appreciate all that I get.  I just realized I’ve gotten close to 100 comments on this blog and I’ve only been doing it for about a month and a half.

Deleting all the Spam comments has been the most upkeep… and I’m glad I have a spam filter up, as it has caught over 800 Spam comments before I even have to read them.

Discovery Channel Update 3

Signal found!

It is possible to harvest energy from the sun at one location and then send it via microwave signals to another site.

This has some real potential!


“If all our power was channeled through a single system in space… who would control it? The energy supply for the entire planet could lie in the hands of a very small number of individuals…”

Argh… just noticed the show ran long and I’m missing the last two minutes on my DVR :( I really wanted to see the credits… and I turned the channel so my DVR didn’t catch the last two minutes as the credits were rolling.)

Discovery Channel Upated 2

It’s going on over at Maui’s Haleakala to Hawaii’s Big Island.

It is using a focused Microwave beam.

Transmitters must be all aligned… all 8 must be aligned and is a painstaking process.

Using Helicopter to measure size and intensity of beam.

… “at stake is the chance to strike at the heart of global warming with a beam of clean air”….


Discovery Channel Update

It sounds like they are talking about Microwaves instead of Radio Waves…. which I can see better as it’s a point to point system and Television signals are already sent this way.

Longs/CVS to be Walgreens… But the Bigger News… PAHOA Announcement?

I’m sure everyone has heard of the Walgreens offer to buy out Longs/CVS today.

We all know that there is a Longs PHARMACY in Keaau, as well as an upcoming Longs/CVS/Walgreen in Ulupono Town Center in Keaau.

However, this report is saying “Longs” is planning on opening a store in Pahoa:

…Longs has 39 stores in Hawaii with plans to open five more, in Pearl City and Mililani Mauka on Oahu; one in Upcountry Maui; and in Keeau and Pahoa on the Big Island….

I’m thinking this article is wrong… unless anyone else has heard anything that I haven’t.

Hawaii Solar Power through Radio Waves *Edit* Microwave Project to be on Discovery Channel Tonight at 7 PM

I mentioned earlier today about the NASA Experiment.

Well it’s going to be featured tonight on the Discovery Channel Project Earth tonight at 7:00 PM Hawaii time.

…Former NASA executive and physicist John Mankins captured solar energy from a mountain top in Maui and beamed it 92 miles to the main island of Hawaii.

Tonight at 7 pm Discovery Channel will air an episode of Project Earth on the recent first-of-its-kind experiment. This long range demonstration of wireless power transmission was also a key step toward space-based solar power satellites. The team also beamed the power almost 100 times farther than NASA’s major 1970’s power transmission in the Mojave Desert in California.

United Offering Huge Discounts for Limited Time on Flights to Hawaii

I recently blogged about a Priceline deal that seemed pretty good.  Now I’ve found another bargain.

United Airlines is offering a special Hawaii Discount program for a limited time only.

Here’s the catch:

  • Fares must be purchased at least 7 days in advance
  • Complete travel by October 27, 2008
  • Travel is valid on all days of the week
  • A 3 night minimum stay is required and no maximum stay restriction exists
  • Exceptions apply, see the fare facts for full rules and information
  • Additional checked baggage fees may apply. See U.S./Canada baggage information for details about baggage allowances and fees

  • Fares below are subject to availability and may not be available on all flights/dates

More info here

Last Nights Bar Fight Victim Flown to Oahu with Critical Injuries


…A man hit the victim in the restroom and ran off on Haili Street then south on Kamehameha Avenue, police said.

Paramedics treated the victim and took him to Hilo Medical Center. Teams later took him by air ambulance to Queen’s Medical Center on Oahu, where he was listed in critical condition…

NASA Scientist Use Radio Waves to Transport Solar Energy

I see some serious potential in this:

A former NASA scientist has used radio waves to transmit solar power a distance of 92 miles (148 km) between two Hawaiian islands, an achievement that he says proves the technology exists to beam solar power from satellites back to Earth….

More Here

Today’s KO

You know he wasn’t expecting this:


Keck 2 Telescope to Shut Down for 3 Nights for Repairs

I just read on Andrew Coopers blog, that Heavy Maintenance is being done up at the Keck Observatory a top Mauna Kea and that..

…The observatory is having to expend additional time and money replacing older systems and equipment. At the same time there is the opportunity to upgrade equipment with modern technology for improved performance and even energy savings…

…For a total of three nights the telescope will be off-sky, shut down to allow the needed work…

I appreciate Andrews Blog, even though I don’t understand a lot of it.  It’s nice to have someone at the top of the world writing about things from there.

Kanye West Keeps Blogging from Hawaii…Despite Being Arrested Yesterday

Kanye West was arrested, however, he posted bail and is now in Hawaii:

You can see the incident here:


His official blog can be seen here.

His first post in Hawaii:

We back in the lab!!! I’m cool with the paparazzi. This guy wasn’t cool. I gotta work now… I’ll rant later!

Meet and Talk with Pilago Today in Hilo

Friday, September 12, 2008
Meet and Talk with Angel
East Hawaii Cultural Center Cafe.
141 Kalakaua St., Hilo
6:00  pm – 8:00 pm
Light Refreshments
Music by Kurt de la Cruz
Contact Frank 217-2215
Or Jennifer Ho 933-2650

Experts Confirm More Recent Shark Sightings

The other day I posed the question… Shark Attacks on the Rise?

Today’s Advertiser reports:

There’s no clear reason for increased sightings and attack, experts say.

So I guess I’ll start a little poll:

[polldaddy poll=”920896″]

The Orphans Have Arrived

Last week I mentioned that 30 Orphans from Cambodia would be spending some time here in Hawaii.

The Advertiser today has more on this story.

The Orphans Perform at Central Union Church

There will be this Fundraiser for them tomorrow night:

The Cambodian teenagers from Future Light Orphanage of Worldmate will perform traditional music and dance at a benefit.

7 p.m. tomorrow

Mamiya Theatre



Also: Tickets include a reception with the performers at 5 p.m.

Delta to Resume Some Flights to Hawaii

Delta Air Lines Inc. is restoring several flights to Hawaii from the mainland it had canceled earlier this year, Hawaii tourism officials said Friday….

More Here

Bar Assault Reported Last Night… Kenoi in the Clear

Detectives from the Hawaii Police Department are investigating an assault that reportedly occurred early Thursday morning at a bar in downtown Hilo…

More Here

Today in History

September 12 is a historic day:

  • 1873 – The first practical typewriter was sold to customers. We think that in order to celebrate this momentous occasion, we should all hunt and peck on our word processors today … since all typewriters in this, the Electronic Age, are pretty much impractical.
  • 1954 – “Lassie” was seen on CBS-TV for the first time. Despite being called “girl” by Jeff Miller, who starred as Tommy, and Jan Clayton, who starred as Jeff’s mom, Ellen, Lassie was, in reality, a male dog. In fact, there were more than a half-dozen Lassie dogs doing stunts. “Lassie” ran on CBS for exactly 17 years. The last show aired on September 12, 1971.
  • 1966 – The Beatles received a gold record this day for “Yellow Submarine”.
  • 1969 – An Alien was Born… His name turned out to be Damon Tucker
  • 1979 – Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox became the first American League player to get 3,000 career hits — and 400 career home runs — as the Red Sox downed the New York Yankees 9-2 at Fenway Park in Boston.
  • 1992 Hurricane Iniki was pounding Hawaii