Shark Attacks on the Rise?

Another shark advisory was posted today along beaches on Oahu.  My neighbor was killed two weeks ago and a shark is the suspect in that death.

*edit* I also see that Big Island Video News has posted a small clip on the Big Island beaches.

It does seem like there has been an increase in shark attacks recently:

• July 25, 2008, a woman snorkeling off Makaha, O’ahu, was bitten,

• December 2007, in Kaiaka, O’ahu, a surfer was bit by a shark while on his surfboard,

• October 2007, in Kihei, Maui, a swimmer was bit on the leg by a shark, and

• About a year ago, another surfer was bitten on the foot near Kahana Bay.

This map shows where sharks attacks have been reported:

This graph of shark attacks here in Hawaii was last updated in February of 2008, as Kameron just passed away on the Big Island two weeks ago.

Territory Total
Maui 36 3 2004
Oahu 34 6 1992
Kauai 19 2 1986
Hawaii 12 4 1963
Molokai 5 0
Unspecified 7 0
HAWAII 113 15 2004

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