Safeway 2… Superferry 0

I wonder how Kauai residents will feel about a new Safeway going up on the Island?

That island has many activists there that are really against anything moving in.

…Safeway is currently seeking county approvals for the project.

The new shopping center will be designed to fit into the area and be built using green standards that will use renewable and recycled building materials where possible…

…The new Safeway store will be the company’s second on Kauai after the Kapaa store. Safeway has a total of 19 stores in Hawaii.

2 Responses

  1. We don’t need no stinkin’ SF to supply the new Safeway.

    Aloha, Brad

    Damon – I guess your Pro-Superferry… j/k… Interesting blog.

  2. Damon, I don’t think a Safeway is going to get a lot of people grumbling. However when Wal-Mart planned building a Supercenter on Kauai recently the council passed legislation banning any new big box retailers over 75,000 feet . This despite the fact that Home Depot, Kmart,Wal-Mart,Costco built stores on Kauai already.

    Damon – The irony is that I’ll say about 90% of the stuff that is brought in to Safeway, has to come over from Honolulu/Mainland. The prices at Safeway would probably be cheaper if the Superferry was allowed to land there.

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