Pahoa Not “Walkable” Receiving 0 out of 100 Points

There is a website that ranks your neighborhoods “Walk Score” based on how walkable your neighborhood is.

Pahoa ranks at the Bottom receiving 0 out of 100 points on their scale. (I used the Pahoa High School Address) I would assume, many places here on the Big Island will also get a zero.

Give it a try and see how your neighborhood ranks.


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  1. When I first came to America – I was surprised how little you can walk here. I guess in times where gas was so cheap, nobody walked.

    In Europe a lot more people are walking and there is basically sidewalks even in small villages.

    I think a good sidewalk encourages people to walk more, it’s just safer – so let’s get on it.

    Damon – I believe an ADA suit may soon be filed.

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