Moms New “Pace-Maker”

I’ve kept kind of quiet about this, however those that know me, know that my mom has had a lifetime of heart problems.  She has alway had “Tachacardia” (sp?)… however within the last few years mom’s been faced with other issues with her heart that for a long time…doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Just this past weekend she had a “pace-maker” put in and tonight was the first time I had a chance to see her since it was installed.

I’m glad that this device will allow my mom to live a longer life.  I was a bit shocked at how large it is… however the gift of life is something that no one should take for granted.

It’s a bit scary for me… knowing that this could be a genetic thing.  I’m going to try and begin to listen to my body more as I grow older.  So many people can be in denial about things.

It’s scary living on this Island where Health Care sucks so much.

I’m just glad my mom has been given one more chance to live.

A doctor actually  informed my mom when I was about 5 that she had a limited life to live because of a cancer she had in the Seventies.   Well she’s made it this far… and I’m sure she will be kicking for another 30 years.

I’m proud to have such a strong mother.

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