Hawaii to Get Federal Money to Help Fight Human Trafficking… McCain Not Going to be Happy.

John McCain delivered a big speech where he’s speaking out about the horrible practice of human trafficking. However, according to the Congressional Record back on November 15, 2001 he complained about a $200,000 earmark that would have gone towards promoting a human trafficking conference in Hawaii, something the White House was pushing at the time.

In 2003, a group started in Hawaii in an effort to stop Human Trafficking.

Well today, Hawaii received notice that it will be getting part of $4.1 Million grant to fight Human Trafficking.

…Human Trafficking is a serious crime and deserves the focused attention of law enforcement and victim service providers,” said Associate Attorney General O’Connor. “The task forces receiving funding today are made up of both of these important elements. We will continue to use all of the resources at our disposal to make sure that traffickers are convicted and that victims receive the assistance they need to recover…

So take that McCain and shove it up your you know what ;)

(Do you think I’m voting Obama?)

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  1. Just think of all us poor Canadians who do not even get to vote in the US election… and vote Obama for us too! thank you

    Damon – I used to live next to Canada… I do envy your free health insurance

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