To a DARKERVIEW… A Question on Light

Sent the following letter off to Mr. Cooper:

Dear Andrew,

With today’s technology and the High Powered telescopes that you folks have atop Mauna Kea… is it really necessary that the street lights be so dim over the entire island that it makes for driving on the roads dangerous?

Many lives have been lost because of the road conditions on these islands and I’m convinced that lighting at nights is part of the problem.

Any pertinent information would help as I research ways to make these roads safer.

2 Responses

  1. if you want to decrease accidents at night, advocate polarized headlights and windshields. Simple technology that could make a tremendous difference

  2. You are directing your query to the wrong entity. Our street lights are the result of a county ordinance passed 20-some years ago – I believe the first of its kind in the nation designed to protect astronomical ventures. At the time the low-pressure sodium lights were designated because of their low glare and ease with which the light can be filtered out. They also use significantly less electricity than traditional street lights. There’s currently talk of supplanting those with new types that achieve the same results with greater illumination. The current “Dark Skies” law also prohibits any strong unshielded light, public or private.

    Damon – I may have asked the wrong person…but I sure got an interesting response.

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